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Well. It's been an unusual Christmas.

No family (except by phone).

No friends (except for very brief hug-exchange visits from xso and April-- even Michele is off at her parents today).

No presents. Really, none.

No massive quantities of food.

No Christmas music.

No nuttin', really. Except snow-- lotsa snow.

Oddly, I'm not really saddened by any of this.

Oh, sure, there's a certain wistfulness. And if I focused on it, I'm certain I could feel rather sorry for myself rather quickly. Lord knows, I have in the past, and for much less.

But truth is, I don't care to. Not this year.

Something's changed in me. Really changed. I've chosen another perspective.

I'm so very blessed.

I have a lot of people who love me, and whom I, likewise, love; even if they are not in the immediate area.

I am never wanting for food or shelter. Even if I am eating Beefaroni and frozen pizza on Christmas ;)

I have a real home. With a real fireplace.

I have a good job, for which I show a certain talent, and which does not undermine my integrity or beliefs.

I like myself, and am slowly learning how to treat myself with integrity, respect and love.

I am beginning to revel in the beauty of the world instead of letting the darkness drag me down.

I am very blessed, indeed.

Each and every one of you is counted among my blessings. Thank you for being there, and thank you for being you. :)

I hope you had a beautiful day today. I truly do. May blessings abound in your lives, and may your eyes be open to see each and every one of them. May you be profoundly shaken, astounded, healed and changed by their light.

And God bless us, every one.*


* I do hope my Athiest and Panthiest friends are not offended. What I see as God is real to me (if you knew my definition, It might be real to you, too), and regardless of your beliefs, you are no less loved by me; nor are you wished any fewer blessings, regardless of their source.

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