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We're off to see the dead guy, the wonderful dead guy of Dickens

Ach. So much for hitting the maul this morning, or doing some cards, or wrapping some prezzies or taking some photos...

Someone was extra nice to herself this morning and allowed herself to sleep in. *swooon*

I've a little bit of guilt swimming around that decision, but am ultimately pleased. I definitely needed that. Work's been insane (eh, as usual), and I helped out at rehearsal until nearly 11p last night. As much as I love that theatre, my allergies continue to protest. I was totally wiped by the time we finished.

Got stopped on the way back at a routine DUI checkpoint. My eyes were red, and I was exhausted-- I'm really surprised they didn't make me do the line walk right then and there :P Heck, I sure would've stopped me!

Anywho, my efforts at the theatre were not without results-- we've got the whole show lit! And with a mere 99 cues, at that.

20 of 'em are within the first five minutes, too.

If the acting is as good as the lighting, we're all good ;)

Now I'm off-- back to the theatre again. We may actually rehearse today-- what I'd consider our first REAL rehearsal so far. I think we even may have the entire cast of five present! (*audible gasp!*)

Does anybody care we go up in six days? Heheheh. I love seat-of-our-pants productions like this one. Love the challenge.

Later, gators :)

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