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And you draw-- the Ace of Ferns!

I got home. I went downstairs to get wood for the fire, and took a look at the furnace.

The sight-gauge was all the way down. And there was a bright red light SCREAMING "Something is Terribly Wrong!"

Needless to say, I was a little upset.

HOW could M not see that? HOW could she tell me the water level looked fine? HOW could she not see that SCREAMING red light?!!

I filled it back up, turned up the thermostat, and cancelled the service call.

Then I stoked the fire, found a bottle of wine, and thought for a bit.

I'm very blessed in that I have an innate understanding of mechanical systems. Not to imply that I understand them all-- just that I can usually logically reason them out, and am not afraid to troubleshoot.

M, while very very intelligent, seems to be missing what I jokingly call this "recessive Y chromosome."

She didn't understand. She certainly meant no harm. Hers was a sin of ignorance, which isn't a sin at all. It's the way we all are until we learn things. And there's always more to learn, so it stands to reason that we are all, always, ignorant about some things. I know I am.

For instance, my understanding of mechanical systems and "practical things" pales next to xso's. He always used to get mad at me for my ignorance. It was terribly unfair, imo.

And it would be terribly unfair here.

I used to get really agry at "stupid people." But we are all ignorant of things. We have seen the enemy, and they am us.

Causing emotional pain to another for pain incurred does not change reality, or lessen the pain we ourselves have been through. We think the pain is displaced, but really, it's just propogating. That sense of loss from not acting on anger is actually its dissipation, and a feeling to be welcomed.

The only way to remedy the situation is to share knowledge. To teach, to learn, to share, and to have patience-- with ourselves as well as others.

I'll show her what I know about the furnace tomorrow.

In the meantime, I have a loverly Friday evening to myself, a bottle of Russian wine (no clue what it's called, but it's sweeeeeeeeeeeet), a fire in the fireplace, a roof over my head, heat in my radiators and a PDA to reprogram.

Life is good :)


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