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Let me stand next to your... range.


The warranty company (I'm spelling it with a y, because that's all I can ask at this point) called a company I've never heard of, who attempted to contact me.

1. They left a msg on my home machine, even though I gave them my work number.

2. They can't possibly come out until tomorrow, and made that clear to the warranty company, who purportedly said "that's OK."

3. I'm in upstate NY. It's gonna go down to 15F(-9.5C) tonight.

4. They seem to think I have a broken range (hahahahaha) AND furnace.

I recontacted the warranty company. At first, they gave me the runaround about only being contracted to service within 48 hours. I asked if they'd be willing to take responsibility for any frozen pipes or fire damage. Martha said "no, we wouldn't."

She upgraded me to emergency status, and "can't understand why it wasn't put in that way in the first place."

A small, useless victory-- since it's after 5p, they may not have any luck anyway.

I still have an assload of work yet to do here, but I'm feeling really braindead at the moment. Being angry really takes a lot out of you! Remind me not to get angry again, K?

I'm gonna go home and start a fire. And find some merlot or something :)

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