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a week ago tuesday (or was it monday?): watched Donnie Darko, because it's been all over my friends page. damn cool movie.
wednesday: dah-runk on pitchers of kamikazes. 4am sing-alongs in the living room.
turkey day: at m's family's house. pictionary. food. funness :)
friday: msg migraine. :( left work early. went to see band ~11:30p, hit a friend's bday partay ~1:30a
saturday: rehearsal. new 5th guy in play. he's in college, so we're scheduling around him. he's not back 'til the 19th, and the show goes up the 27th, so we rehearse on christmas :P
saturday night... no clue what i did. oh, built a fire, hooked up the PS, played a little Diablo (very little, really), hung out with Michele and went to bed fairly early, I think.
sunday: more rehearsal. finally returned the keg. had basil pasta, peas and sauce.
monday: sams club, sams club, sams club
tuesday: helped xso pick out a computer. ate pizza. went to karaoke. sang BADLY.
wednesday: picked up CF card at xso's house. went shopping with M & A at borders, and birdbath and beyond. picked up Snow Crash, because it's been all over my friends page. will start once I'm finished with Moving Pictures.

tonight I go see the chiropractor, and then I might have dinner with Michele and April.

upcoming (tonight-sun):
install PDA software on computer, backup PDA, install expods, install other stuff
study lines, study lines, study lines, study lines, study lines
help xso with his computer (I know it's coming; might as well plan for it)
buy plasticky stuff, plastickify the windows
copy Linda's disk for return
get me hair trimmed.
write out christmas cards (oh, like this is actually gonna happen - heh. but I'm gonna try)
make list for christmas gifts - no FL this year, so gotta get a move on for the ones to be mailed!
consider 12 babes of xmas photo - naughty, or nice?
buy stockings and other decorations and decorate home
buy christmas tree- real, artificial or live?
put up that goshdurned beloved mezuzzah!
shake me bootay (somehow, somewhere, gotta shake me bootay!)
figure out next year's vacation schedule-- Florida?, Fantasm?, Toronto (at least once!), DragonCon, California (camp, and visiting a certain Mouse, some friends I've yet to meet in person, and April)-- and there's so much more I wanna do!

In other news, Michele did my laundry yesterday. Even my underwear. She's the bestest housemate EVAH.

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