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Completely Made Up Word of the Day

for Tuesday, November 26, 2002, is:


Can you help with a definition? :)

Results of Tuesday, November 12th's word: QUIPE


Definition of Quipe:

rhiannonstone Quipe, n. - A short, sharp quip made in a manner intended to be a "swipe" at the recipient, can be malicious or good-natured.
vivame small, unnattractive fruit found only in bolivia. it tastes delicious, however, and can be used to describe people if they have more layers than immediately obvious or are much different to public perception "oh, he's really very quipe"
petermarcus The gesture Sherlock Holmes used with his pipe when explaining something tedious to Dr. Watson. [too much, read more!]

RESULTS of November 12th's poll on definition of PSYBLE:

And da winner is...

...a tie between thetech and scottobear!

thetech: PSYBLE: Term used to denote Psychic Liability ["psychically liable"]. Used in cases when, for example, individuals such as Professor Xavier or Ms. Grey are attempting to use their psychic powers which result in personal or property damage [example - "That guy over there! That's him! He's the one that's PSYBLE for the brain-wipe of my sister!!"]

scottobear: the unknowable secret language used by twins (conjoined or not) to communicate with one another. a contraction of - psychic sibling babble.

RESULTS of November 12th's poll on definition of SCREEPER:

And da winner is... starinthewind!
Actually, scientific study has proven that a Screeper is a gnomish military unit whose primary attack involves driving around in tiny automobiles, stealing people's eyes.

They're featured primarily in this authentic Folk Song:

"Jeeper Screepers, where'd you get those peepers?
Jeeper Screepers, where'd you get those eyes?"

Clearly, these gnomish creatures chose to attack their human victims in standard (though mini) army vehicles.

Mind your eyes!

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