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Thank ye very much, thank ye very much, that's the nicest thing that anyone's ever done for me

I didn't come to work yesterday. I was OUT OF IT, big time.

Of course, the computers here decided to be uncooperative, so little work was done :(

I fixed them this morning, and now feel like a hero :) A sick, useless hero, but a hero nonetheless.

The NIMO guys and the dead body depository

Nimo (electric & gas) woke me up ~3:30pm yesterday. (They tried to wake me at 3, but I just incorporated the ding-donging and banging into a dream). I was zonked. I stumbled to the door in my PJs, with my hair sticking straight up, to let them in. There's a gas leak from corroded pipe where the gas lines all meet up across the street (we've been smelling it for days), and they plan on correcting the problem by running plastic piping through the corroded old piping. Which means they need basement access.

"Hey, can you just leave the side door open for us tomorrow?"

Uhm, no.

So anyway, they check the basement, and find they can't get close enough to the gas meter because there's this enormous iron lung blocking their way. Ok, it's not really an iron lung-- it's an old oil tank. I thought it was empty. It's not. They can't move it. They were stymied.

Said they'd be back at 8am this morning.

They weren't.

I left them a note on the door to phone me if they needed access.

Meanwhile, I'm wondering if there's a dead body in the oil tank.

God is my copilotlight

After they left, I noticed that I was freezing cold. I figured I was just sick until I took a look at the thermostat: 50F (10C).

The pilot light was out.


There I was, sick as a dog, brain NOT functioning in any useful way, trying to figure out how to light a big metal box full of highly flammable gas in my basement.

"Step one: disconnect electrical supply to furnace."

*blinkblink* How do I do that?

I couldn't figure it out. Turn it off at the main shutoff? That didn't seem right. Wiring schematics were NO help. And the NIMO guys were long-gone.

After a few tears, I came to the conclusion that this was a "we're covering our asses in case you get electrocuted, you stupid, stupid consumer" statement, and subsequently ignored it.

The rest was pretty easy :)

I thought about waiting 'til Michele got home to do it, so that she could learn how to do it too, but a.) it was cold, and b.) I figured she could figure it out on her own, and c.) there was no use in killing both of us.

Later that night, I moved one of her laundry bags from in front of the furnace. "Oh, that's the furnace?" Heh.

Note to self: show M how to light furnace at some point in near future. Wait-- is that really a good idea?

The big blue blanket of doom

We sat around watching TV last night. There's this big blue blanket on the couch that we curl up under when it's chilly-- however, the cat will have NO part of it. We'd noticed his reluctance to go near it a number of times, but never really discussed why.

Me: I think it's probably because he smells Freddie. (M's old roommate's dog)
Her: Why would it smell like Freddie?!
Me: This isn't your blanket?
Her: No! I thought it was your blanket!
Both: Oh, shit-- It's the evil blanket from the attic full o' birds!

That blanket was in the washer on hothothot before you could say "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEW!"

A very unusual Christmas ornament

There is a large, white, vaguely Star-of-Davidish thing hanging in my back yard and I don't know why. If I'd actually remembered to put up my mezuzah, I'd be a bit concerned about anti-Semitism (I'm not actually Jewish, but I keep a mezuzah on my door - don't ask). But as it is, I'm just baffled. It's on a line that goes waaaaaaaay up into the trees on other properties. Must investigate this evening. I'll try to take a photo to share.

Good breeding

Had to go back 375 entries this morning. I read very quickly, sometimes not reading the entire entry. So, if you snuck something like "I just got married!" or "I just gave birth to a litter of pups!" somewhere in an entry over the last couple days, and I didn't respond, please let me know. I'd like to congratulate you, and/or comment on inter-species relationships.

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