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Faerie tales

Well, yet another Halloween is here, and once again, I've been unable to get the gang (a gang-- any gang) to agree on cool themed costumes. No Dancing Bears, no Bugaloos, no any-of-the-other-ideas-we-flung-at-each-other-ruthlessly-throughout-the-year. Ah well.

I have a decent selection of back-up costumes from which to choose... though I really hate wearing the same costume twice. Especially since I'll be visiting some of the same parties I visit every year.

One of the "regular" costumes is of the faerie variety :) I have this gorgeous off-the-shoulder gold(ish) designer dress (second-hand-shop findaroonie) and homemade wings. The goldish dress is very,very,very short, the painted and glitterfied high-heels are painfully deadly, and the home-made wings have not been treated kindly by the passing years. I love the lightness of spirit that being a faerie offers, but understandably (I hope) opted against wearing this particular costume again.

So, I've splurged and bought wings from a costumer. They're... stunning. They're shaped like butterfly wings, and aglow with sparklies, but made almost entirely of feathers. They're just... wow. I visited the old Attic o' Forgotten Stuff and found...

...my gawd. My high-school graduation dress :P

I went to an upscale (yet, oddly-public) high school (I was the class rebel-- heh). Young ladies wore long white gowns to graduation. Heck. Even _I_ wore a white gown to graduation. The class rebel!

The really, really, really, really, really, really freaky thing is... it still fits. This despite the fact that I'm a bit heavier than my ~100 lbs of anorexic yesteryear (not a lot, but it doesn't take much).

So I have a diaphanous white gown with an empress waist, wicked-cool wings, loads of glitter... all I need are comfy white silk (-like) slippers, and I'm set.

But I'm lacking a name. "A garden-variety faerie" just won't cut it. The gown has a gauzy cloak (for lack of a better term) that I may have to (ouch) cut it to accomodate the wings. I've considered wrapping part of the cloak around my head and going as an "art-deco faerie," but I don't think any of my friends know what "art-deco" is (OK, maybe two do), and I'm not interested in giving art-history lessons to my friends on Halloween. So I may be a nameless faerie. I can live with that.

Other news from the last week or so...
  • size: extra-snugglyI finally bought that comforter. I agonized over it for months. It's pretty... and very, very warm :) The purple roses remind me of Merisa's Raindrop Garden. My grandma loved roses... and since it's her bed, I thought I'd honor her with the sentiment.

  • Ate sushi.

  • Painted my nails-- Tony & Tina's "Lucid Dream" over (Revlon's?) "Pink Topaz." Looks pretty durned funky. Very faerie-like. Probably influenced my decision.

  • yumSaw Princess Monoke :) Very yum.

  • Killed a fruit fly. Maybe two. Please forgive me.

  • Other stuff, I'm sure, but by now long-forgotten.

PS-- Welcome to the party, calligraphy, lostdream and spacemunkee! I'm flattered to have been added to your lists :)

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