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Mister Clean ain't got Nothin' on Me

Washer and dryer arrived this morning. Guys nearly broke the door coming in. They strongly suggested I have someone come in to look at the sink, as that is where the washer drains, and it seemed to be backing up. Bugger.

Went to work. The heat was broken (again), freezing cold. Wore the floomfies.

Work warmed up, I did not. Got chills. Couldn't concentrate. Felt feverish. Couldn't think at all. Came home.

Introduced mister drain to Lady Baking Powder and Mistress Vinegar. They disciplined mister drain, who really seemed to feel much better after the whole thing. A nice bath in boiling water after the session and all was well again.

Called-in to rehearsal. There was no way I could drive there. :( (Usually the personification of common household cleansers is a dead giveaway that Someone is Not Well and Should Not be Driving.)

However, I did manage to do some laundry.

Laundry. Laundry. LAUNDRY!!

I was a bit worried about mister drain, so I watched the machine while it washed.

First it turned one way. Then-- get this-- it turned the other way. Then-- it turned back the other way! Wow! Then, suprise of suprises, it turned and went the opposite way again!

I was dizzy with guessing what it might do next.

mister drain was very cooperative. And I'm surprised at how little water the washer used. It's a front-loader. It takes a bit longer to wash, but I'm so pleased with my decision.

Everything smells sooooooooooo cleeeeeeeeeeeeean. Not detergenty, cleeeeeeeeeeeeeean.

I love my washer and dryer, I really do :)

I wonder which way it will turn next time...

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