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An awful lot for someone with "not much to report" (the original subject of this lengthening post)

A nice, quiet weekend :)

where I spend most of my timeWe've had snow the last couple of days-- it's a lovely winter wonderland up here now.

M and I met some friends for dinner Friday night, then did a bit of bar-hopping. Didn't drink a whole lot, but more than I'd normally drink (I usually nurse one or two beers the entire night). Woke up with a wee hangover Saturday.

M and I puttered around the house much of the day (closed all the storm windows and such), then went shopping at the mall. Came home, made tortellini with a sauce we didn't much like, watched "Death to Smoochy" and made insta-cookies.

Today we puttered around the house some more, then went shopping again-- this time, to Marshall's. Came home, made cracked black pepper pasta w/ tomato basil sauce, watched the Simpsons and made Godiva double-chocolate brownies :D

(Damn you, Sam's Club-- damn you and your humungo boxes of instant chocolately goodness!)

Of course, we had a fire both last night and tonight :)

I'm such the naughty consumer

Came home from my two day shopping safari with:

Two pair of sleek and sexy pjs - Long pants, spaghetti strap tops. One is screaming electric blue and reads "luscious" on the front, the other is black with suns and moons and stars. They cost next to nothing and are cheezy as hell, and I like them a lot.

COOL F'ING PANTS - They are so cool, I cannot even describe them to you. I shall have to take a photo sometime.

Underwear (normal cool thongs, and not so normal cool thongs) - I've always believed that anything that weighs less than a standard kleenex should not be worn on the body. I'm now reconsidering.

Random bra - It's random. It's a bra. It was on sale at Vickies. Nothing to write home about.

Cool socks - They're just nifty. I need to buy shoes with which to wear them, now :)

Floomfadelic scarf and hat - They are severely floomfy. I'm taking a pic so you'll know what I mean.I am a muppet!!

Very opulant jammies (2 pr) - They are very... rich. One pair is burgundy, the other is sapphire blue. I never used to wear pjs-- just an oversized shirt was fine with me, thanks. But now I think I'm getting the hang of this whole sleepwear thing.

Dusty purple bathrobe - It's more of a smoking jacket, really, and "dusty" refers to its colour, not its actual condition.

Green pants for work - They're green, they're pants, and M says they're slimming. I disagree on that last part, but I bought 'em anyway.

Black dress and cardigan (for work or whatever) - Very sleek and sexy material, very simple design. Goes from work to upscale play very nicely, I think. I've never actually gone from work to upscale play, but at least I have the option now.

Long black skirt for work - Long black skirt. Boring, but basic.

Dark blue terrycloth jammies - OOOOOOOOOOH. These are SO comfy. I'm wearing them right now :) They have a hood, just in case my dreams should have inclement weather (I'm guessing, here).

Between the hat and the jammies, I feel like a muppet. It's a good thing to be, I think :)

And as tempting as it was to edit out that blemish, I didn't. Guess I'm just a wysiwyg girl at heart.

Shame on me for spending so much money on "unnecessary" things. Nevermind that. I shouldn't make myself feel bad just because I splurged a little one weekend. OK, splurged a lot. :P I'll live, and so will my budget (though it might need a little special care).

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, whatever

Tomorrow, I have to take photos of my boss for something or other.

Our new employee is out of town because her mother has become very ill. She felt so bad about having to take time off. And now she's stuck in North Carolina. Planes have been grounded, and people are being re-ticketed for tomorrow sometime.

I told her husband not to worry about it-- these things can't be helped.

However, a quick glance at NC airport conditions reveals no evidence of grounded planes. The plot thickens. I'll have to find out more when she gets in. Hope she's OK, whatever the situation.

Tomorrow also heralds the arrival of my washer and dryer :) And once that's taken care of, I have to drive to East Bumfus to go to rehearsal. My plans of catching up with the lot of you have been quashed. But I'll be back later in the week.

I hope your tomorrow is a beautiful one :)

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