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Lady Macbeth, homeowner, seeks Machina Universalis in pact with Satan. Lighthearted inquiries only.

Out, damned spot! Out, I say! My hands are covered in black soot and white latex paint. It WILL NOT come off.

As an added annoyance, I'm covered in hives. THEY ARE DRIVING ME CRAZY. I get them infrequently, but when I get 'em, I GET 'EM. No clue as to a cause (I've given up on asking doctors). They're very embarassing. And they're driving me to distraction. Or to insanity. Or to scratching a lot. Probably the latter, if my behaviour is any indication.

Good heavens. I'm black and white and red all over.

Adventures in Homeownership:

Had a homeownery weekend. Raked and bagged leaves, pulled weeds and trimmed the rosebushes... 13 bags o' refuse so far. Many more to come.

Bought a band saw today, and a birdfeeder. And birdseed and squirrel food and leaf bags and grass seed and a paint scraper and and and... As much as I love shopping there, I hate supporting Home Depot. I miss Wallace Armer. But they're out of business now (1800-1996, RIP). So it goes.

Painted sections of the back of the house where the paint was peeling away. Did a crappy, half-assed job, but I only had so much time. I really just want to protect the wood until next spring. What I did should help.

I discovered, in this endeavor, that they built the deck directly against the house. Where the two touch, the house is rotting. It makes me ill just thinking about it. Yet another spring project. I hope that not too much further damage is incurred over the winter.

I've been misusing my fireplace insert. Nothing kinky, mind you-- just turning it down too much, too soon, and burning less-than-seasoned wood. I decided to see how much damage I'd done. I tried to check the pipe for creosote, but after covering myself in soot and removing the top firebricks, I couldn't see past the bend. I will have to find a way to climb on top of the chimney. BWAHAHAHA. OK, so maybe I'll hire someone. Where the hell is Bert when you need him?! Good luck will rub off when I shake 'ands with you (or blow me a kiss, and that's lucky too!).

Because I'd gotten so intimate and so rough with my fireplace, I decided to build a little fire in the hopes it would forgive me, even though it's 65F (18C) outside. OK, it was 18-freaking-degrees farenheit (-8C) two days ago, and now it's 65. Not today, NOW, at 11 pm. Sometimes, I love this crazy upstate weather :) Remind me of that when we have below zero weather and snow up to our necks, K?

Dallying with the Arts:

Had an improv show last night... we didn't expect a good turnout, and decided that weren't going to performe if we had less than ten audience members. We quite a few more than that, and they were great. So were we :)

Went and saw Jocamo afterward-- they were excellent, as usual. The cute guitar player (who finally did email me) seems to have a girlfriend. He was a lot cuter before I knew he had a girlfriend ;) So it goes.

Karaoke last Tuesday-- a blast. Had a private karaoke party until about midnight. Sang a lot of stuff I probably shouldn't sing again :) Saw Dragonmaker Jack just as we were ready to leave... so of course, we stayed awhile longer.

I have a lot of wood in my basement. No, that's not a euphamism. It just IS. Some of it burns in the fireplace right now. Hooray for wood! The wood arrived Wednesday-- Michele already had most of it stacked in the basement by the time I got home :) Then M and I went to see some friends in a production of The Mousetrap. They were very good :) The production itself was OK.

Thursday night, April came over and we made pasta and cookies, and watched Insomnia. It tuckered me out! But the cookies were good :)

Friday at work was a hell day. I got home just past seven, and promptly took a nap. Didn't get up until after 11pm. Tried April's cell, but she didn't answer, so I missed getting together with folks at the local yokel bar. It's OK, though. That really doesn't belong under "Arts," does it. Whoops.

Twelfth Night has been cancelled. Our latest Sebastian bailed, and we're tired of searching for young men who look quite a lot like one of our actresses (theyr'e supposed to be twins-- heh). Ah, well. I could have done Rocky Horror after all. So it goes.

I will be doing The Christmas Thing, though (I'm STILL not quite sure what it's called). Rehearsals start tomorrow. People are bailing from that, too-- Fearless Leader has asked Eman to fill in as the fifth actor. I hope he does it. I miss my Eman :(

I have a new distraction:

Some of you know I love puzzles. Well, love is too tame a word.

If Satan himself were to approach me, and tempt me with, say, power, I would refuse. Money? No way. Beauty or youth? Fuhgeddaboudit. But a good puzzle?

I'm a bit concerned that I might sell my soul for a really good puzzle.

When I went to Germany a few years back, I spent a good deal of my time conquering The Fool's Errand (a fabulous puzzle game, in a league of its own). All the beauty and splendor that is Germany at my doorstep, and I played with puzzles. But not any puzzles-- these were puzzles of many different types, all part of a greater puzzle, that allowed me to pit my brain against that of its inventor. That game was amazing. I recently came across some other games this same person has devised, and hope to install a mac emulator and play them sometime in future.

I'd say "sometime soon," but there's no chance of that.

You see, now, years later, when I've no time for it, I've found an even better game. The game I've been seeking for most of my life. A devilish game devised by some of my favourite writers, artists and puzzlemakers. Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, Simon Singh, Rufus... ah, heaven! A good dose of science, philosphy and intrigue are thrown in for good measure.

I've begun a timehunt. Pray for my soul?

And so it goes, and so it goes, and so it goes, and so it goes... but where it's going, no-one knows is STRAIGHT TO HELL IN A HANDBASKET.

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