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She's Bad, She's Bad, You Know It

Bad is being told by your DSL provider that even though they promised you service in "two weeks, three, tops" a month and a half ago, they suddenly cannot provide you service at all.

No, wait.
Bad is being completely unable to install a simple modem without getting a bizarre error message that seems to have no simple fix. ( "Device not configured correctly (Code 1)" upon install with "data is invalid"-- which reeks of registry, but no, this isn't XP).

No, wait.
Bad is being unable to edit the registry or import an old registry in WIN2k as Administrator.

No, wait.
Bad is going back to the "Last Good Config" and getting an 0x50 PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA stop error.

No, wait.
Bad is losing all mouse and keyboard functionality in Windows. (No cursors, no nuttin'-- and kb is locked-up upon startup.)

If anyone there is a WIN2K wiz, leave me a comment or drop me a line at my ldy @ livejournal.com addy? I have kb and mouse functionality in bios mode before windows loads up, but not in Windows or Safe Mode. I'm guessing that if the fuse blew, I'd have no functionality at all, and no lights on the kb. Yes? No? Maybe? Bueller?


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