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Freakfly, don't bother me.

What kind of freak considers flying to Atlanta on a whim for a party?
The same kind of freak who flew out to Toronto on a whim for a party.

I am that freak.

For ~$250, I could fly nonstop from Albany to Atlanta and back. I'd get in Saturday ~6:15p, and leave Monday ~12:30pm.

The fact that it's a big chunk of money and I just bought a house and don't have a lotta moolah and plan on throwing a party the prior weekend and additionally need big things like a new bed and boxspring, a washer, a dryer, a lawnmower, etc., etc., etc. is irrelevant.

I had similar issues when I went to Toronto spur-of-the-moment, and I regret that choice NOT AT ALL.
    What IS relevant:
  • Where would I stay?

  • How would I get to and from the airport?

  • And, most importantly, what the hell would I wear?!!

I am such a freak to even consider this.
But I'm a freak who has a whole lotta fun.

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