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How quickly can I type? THS QCKLY.

I am alive
I am well
THE APARTMENT IS DONE. I turn in the keys tomorrow (tonight, if the landlord can get back to me before rehearsal)
Good bye, and good riddance!
I couldn't finish cleaning the floor, the freezer or the stove because the sink decided to be uncooperative. Two bottles of drain cleaner later, it was still balking. Fugettaboutit!
Even without being fully cleaned, the place is in better shape than when I moved in. (Or when I lived in it, for that matter! :P)
There are another zillion boxes and bags of garbage behind the apartment. No, really, a ZILLION. I gave the front neighbor's son and girlfriend $10 to bring it all to the curb Thursday night. I may give them more.

Even with all that garbage being tossed aside, the house is full of boxes. No, the house is FULL of boxes. I was really good about marking them, but I STILL can't find anything. PTHTHBHBHT.

Haven't put together the computer desk yet or hooked up a new phone jack or installed dial-up. And it's for LACK OF LOVE. Specifically, my lack of love for the ICKY MINT GREEN colour of the walls in the computer room. Might as well paint before getting too comfortable. That green is goin' down, baby. And when it does, I'll be back to tell you all about it.

Auditions for Rocky Horror are tonight. *CRIES!* I've waited years for someone up here to the full stage version-- and it's being directed by someone I know will do a great job with it, in a venue that is very intimate and in-your-face. I'm pretty much guaranteed a part... but the timing is unworkaroundable (it's a word-- I say so). There's so much I want to do with the house, and I haven't even begun to unpack. And there's Shakespeare again in January. So I probably won't go. My heart will be there, though. So will my naughty bits. In spirit.

The rest of me, however, will be at rehearsal for Shakespeare and improv. Which I thought was supposed to be TOMORROW. Yikes.

Living with Michele is working out well. We already have a routine-- we both get up around 7:30, have a smoke in the kitchen by the back door in our half-dead zombie state, then she showers while I make coffee and feed Max. By the time I'm done with that, she's done and getting ready, and by the time I'm done showering, she's out the door.

Been poking at your lives as time has allowed. No access on weekends, though. Hope I haven't missed out on too much.

Planning on having a Halloween party the 26th. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! no, really. Wanna come? It may have to double as a housewarming.

It's nice being offline in some ways, but I miss you guys terribly.

Hope you are all well and happy :)

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