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Quick, like a bunny.

Moved Michele in to my place Saturday
Painted her entire apartment Sunday
Max is adjusting well
But I ache.
I need a new bed in a big way.

Somewhere along the line this weekend, I bought this desk, this hutch and this cart (well, it will be a cart-- they threw in free casters) :). Will be delivered tomorrow
Computer works at new place, but voltage is a bit more erratic than I'd like-- may need voltage regulator or something
Email is down (even webmail, atm)
DSL even farther behind than before
No internet access at home still... I need to install phone jacks in computer room & M's room. (Yikes! Not another project!!)
Old apartment in complete disarray-- more to move, yet
Received my copy of UT2k3 in the mail today :) I may get to play it next month sometime ;P
Rehearsal tonight

Much to do this week, but I'll be back-- hopefully sooner than later. Hope life is being good to you in the meantime *huggos!*

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