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I'm still not here. Not really here. Just sneaking in a little "hallo!" at work.

No broadband for 2-3 weeks yet (and they screwed up but ROYALLY-- they cancelled my service a day early, which means that none of my bills got paid, nobody with that email addy got notified of the change, and none of my photos got downloaded for easy transfer to the new account-- I pouted until they gave me three free months for my trouble). Modem for interim dial-up service won't even be installed for a few days yet, I think.

But I'm in the house :) It felt like home from the moment I got the furniture in.

Maxman loves it. He's scoped-out the whole house and yard, and couldn't be happier. He's already discovered that the grass is tastier on the neighbor's side of the fence (oh, but isn't it always?), and loves that I've actually spent an hour or two in front of the television ;) And there's so much SPACE! We're both pretty happy about that.

The sidewalk, walk and driveway were all done in time for the move. And I got to drive a bigass truck :D

There's still a lot more to do-- tons o' crap at the apartment, still, for starters. Hoping I can get that all packed-up, out and finished with by Friday... so that I can concentrate on Michele's move in on Saturday.

Not allowing comments here because I've no way to download my mail, and no time to reply, anyway.

But I send you love. :)

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