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The Bad, the Good, and the Better.

Bad stuff:
Tearing up sidewalk again
...Inspector says it'll be done by Saturday
...guys actually doing the work disagree

Floors STILL not done
...have to go back at 8am tomorrow
House is dirty, dirty, dirty
...when will I clean it?
...how will I clean it?
...painting? hahahahaha-- you slay me!

Work insane
...so far behind I can see my own arse
...so tired at end of day that packing is laughable

Spent most of my evening working out DSL for new place
...still not completely ironed out
No broadband for 2-3 weeks
...need modem :/
Verizon decided to send me DSL even though I didn't ask them too
...still have to iron that one out
Spent many hours updating my system to get UT2k3 to work online
...when I have no time to spare (bad ldy)
No good fix for UT2k3 re: zonealarm-- had to install another firewall
...not that it matters, without DSL
Truck has to be returned by 4p Saturday
...my friends are late risers
...it takes quite a lot to knock me out like this
...insult to injury at this point
Not packed at all

Good stuff:
Sidewalk will be pretty!
Floors will be pretty!
Phone will be switched Friday!
Truck will be picked up Friday evening!

"Will be's" don't do much for this live-in-the-moment girl ;P

Eman's returning to his old self and sent me emails today
...they were just forwards, but gigglesome
Got a message on my answering machine from a friend's little daughter inviting me to dinner
..."will you come over and eat pork chops with Mommy and Uncle Mike?" awwwwww!
Had sushi for lunch
...only supermarket sushi, but hey, it was surprisingly good today!
I have friends who love me, and whom I adore
...soon they can all come to my home :)
I've got UT2k3 on preorder
...and no DSL will give me time for muchly-needed practicing!
Worse could happen. Much worse.
...I am truly very blessed.
Someone, out of the blue, just told me I was one of the most stunningly beautiful women he'd ever laid eyes on
...whoa! *blush* I'm speechless!
I'm going to sleep shortly
...for rilla! WOOT!
Past performance shows that things will get done, one way or another
...and while past performance is not indicative of future gains, I have faith :)

In other news, from Legend of Zelda, to Super Mario Bros, to their live cover of Pink Floyd's Time to this... I never know what to expect from Mr. Bungle.
...and I like that.

Hugs to those who need 'em, those who want 'em, and those who don't run away quickly enough.

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