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Unreal Tournament 2003 redux

Sweet, sweet Jeebus.

I always hated how I had to tweak UT's settings to get it to work well with my NVidia card. No longer. This thing is built for NVidia cards.

Quite literally-- they have their own splash screen at the very beginning. And quite the impressive splash screen it is.

Absolutely amazing.

Haven't tried it online... the servers are already overwhelmed.

Preorder is through listing of vendors here:


Electronics Boutique has the best preorder price of a mere $39.99 (the others are $44.99 - $49.99, and Sam Goody and Walmart aren't even showing it on their sites yet).

Worth the wait. I'm breaking out the already overwhelmed credit card now.

Some nifty features:

You know how it automagically changes weapons to the "better" weapon on pickup? Well, you get to choose your own priority of weapons. So if you like the minigun, but can't stand the rocket launcher (or it's just not appropriate on that level), you can give minigun priority over the launcher. FINALLY!

There are some new weapons, as well as some interesting tweaks on old ones.

The physics are more like the Infiltration version of UT-- i.e., more realistic. Yet, it's far, far better than Infiltration, imho.

I'm so very psyched.

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