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Went to the house twice already today, going back for thirds in a little bit.

The first time was to let in the flooring guys at lunchtime. (They now have a key, which I think is in the mailbox ;P)

The second time was to water the plants in the yard. I didn't water the lawn proper, as getting the oscillating whoosh whoosh thing (*ding!* SPRINKLER) made the water run down the side of the house too much (must buy washer soon). But I gave the major plants a drink. Most of the street was blocked off due to sewer work. Still no front walk.

I'm doing the little ceremony thing tonight. Also bringing over a couple boxes and getting a hand with the rest of the bookcase. Michele will be here in a little bit. No word from Eman :/

I remembered a piece of the ceremony that I'd forgotten to mention earlier-- ART. I'll be bringing i's painting and ashe's print as symbolic matter.

I'm late! Need to prep a basket with symbolic stuff, STAT.

Symbolism. It's just good medicine.

E just called - he's at auditions for A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, and M just showed up (and me without my basket!), so I'm outie :)

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