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Five screws, pussy, a broomstick and symbolism

Karaoke last night was FUN-- even Kristen and Jack showed up-- but I stayed out WAY too late. It was Janet's last night, though, and I'd given her a ride.

Eman even came along, though he was a shadow of his former self. It kills me to see him like this. So glad he came out, though.

Zonked out as soon as I got home today, for something like four hours. Will return there shortly :)

Between then and now, though, I made a quick run to the house to take down the floor-to-(almost)-ceiling bookcases. I'm amazed that something so seemingly large could be held up by FIVE SCREWS! I got the corner part down without a problem, but couldn't dismantle it the rest of it in pieces-- seems to be all one huge thing. I didn't want to get crushed, so it will stay there, supported by one screw and gravity, until tomorrow.

Brought the Maxman with me. He wasn't thrilled about the car ride, or about being in a new strange place. He seemed more vocal than actually upset, though. He checked the out the first and second floors pretty thoroughly, and seems to understand that this is our place.

I'm gathering that he approves, because he's lying in my suitcase right now, purring (which seems to be what he does when he thinks I'm going someplace and wants to come along).

I'll probably have my little ceremony thingy tomorrow. This is when I bring a basket of symbolic items into the house. These are the first things I bring into my new home:

Candles, that the lives of its inhabitants will always be illuminated, and that we might share that illumination with others
Bread and wine, that this home will never be without food or drink
Salt, that its inhabitants will never be in need of wealth
That thing1, that this home will provide many nights of restful sleep
Champagne, that this house will know many celebrations
Chai2, that its inhabitants shall know long life

Considering bringing books (reading is fundamental) and/or a plant (that life my thrive... but there's already a plant there) and/or a tarot (to symbolize spiritual growth) and/or a blanket (that this home shall be a source of comfort to all who enter), but I'm not sure how I might fit those in. Would also like something symbolic of health.

I should also buy a new broom tomorrow, and bring it along.3 Perhaps I'll work in something about cleanliness. Heaven knows I can use all the help in that department I can get ;)

Also considering picking up some sage for cleansing. I don't feel any weird vibes about the place, though.

Note to self: call Scotti, and see if he'd be willing to do the mezuzah thing for me again.4

1 "That thing" is this little ornament thing with happy stars and a cloud and a sleepy moon. It's hard to describe.
2 Not the tea-- the eighteen coins that my boss gave me for long life, which now sit in the beautiful coin purse compostheap sent me :)
3 There's an old adage "never bring an old broom into a new home." I'm not terribly superstitious (Friday the 13th is one of my favourite days, and black cats crossing my path seem more indicative of good luck than bad, if there even is such a thing), but I could do with a new broom anyway. There are little bits of plaster on the floor from the bookcase. I'll use the old one for the garage.
4 I'm not Jewish and do not observe the mitzvot, but I practiced Judaism for many years. It just wouldn't be my home without it. Shoot-- I haven't had the scroll checked in ages-- I think I'm supposed to have that done twice every seven years. I wonder if Scotti has an extra scroll around somewhere.
5 This space intentionally left blankish.

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