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Cement. See MenT run.

Just two days ago, I was staring at my front walk, noticing how absolutely horrible it was. "It's probably 100 years old, or close to it," I thought... "I should really replace this soonishly. When I win the lottery next week, maybe."

Today I discovered, as I was about to show Janet the house, that not only have they finished the sidewalk in front of my house, but they are also apparently doing MY ENTIRE FRONT WALK. Bad walk is gone; wooden framing for poured cement has taken its place. All the way up to my front steps.

That's like several thousands of dollars worth of work I won't have to do.*

They're also doing about five feet into the driveway.

The value of my home has just been raised. Perhaps significantly. And I haven't even moved in yet!

Oh, and my Dad has suddenly decided to lend me a large chunk of money interest-free so that I won't have to pay PMI on the loan. Hooray for my Dad not liking banks and wanting to invest in his daughter instead of the sorry old stock market! If I can swing this now, I won't have to reappraise the house to get rid of the PMI. Maybe. Waiting to receive information from the bank on this one, but the lady on the phone sounded rather encouraging and it seems very possible.

I'm in shock on both counts.

Tomorrow-- work, leave on time, buy a hose and sprinkler, find screwdriver, dismantle the huge bookcases in the livingroom, water lawn, go to karaoke.

* or several hundred and a several days of callouses and sweat and swearing and finally giving up and finding large muscle-bound men to help me, much to my chagrin

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