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Know Your Wood (ish), PUNK!


Michele and April picked me up from work. We had a beer across the street, then dropped off my boss's car at his place, retrieved my car from the shop, picked-up a six pack, and went to the house.

First thing I noticed is that they had poured the sidewalk. It was already pretty dry... but I managed to scratch my initials and '02 in the edging right in front of my walk :D

Michele brought boxes (she'll be living with me for a few months). We put them in the garage. I don't want to have belongings in the house until I've had my little "new place" ceremony. More on that when it happens (or, more likely, when it's happened).

They love the place :)

Afterward, I stopped home, took a ten minute catnap (with the cat), got changed, and met them, Ken, Rachel and Mike out at a little place called the Grog Shoppe. I had a rare (as in frequency, as opposed to cookedness) burger. A Grogburger, in fact (special sauce (no msg!), bacon and pineapple). It was yummo.

Then I came home and read for a bit. I was so tired that I couldn't focus and had to read with one eye at a time :P Then sleep. Glorious sleep!!!

This morning:

Slept. Slept! Slept some more! I'd set my alarm for 9ish, giving me 9ish hours of sleep (glorious sleep!)-- but I kept hitting the snooze, and didn't get out of bed 'til after 10(ish). I had two appointments with hardwood floor refinishers.

Neglected to buy coffee yesterday. Forgot about the old beans I have in a ball jar on the counter (which wouldn't have been half bad) and instead used the "EMERGENCY ONLY" ground... coffee in the freezer. I hesitate to call it "coffee." It's particularly old and nasty and distinctly uncoffeeish. It would, however, make a terrific brownian motion generator.

At 10:30, as I was making the uncoffeeish, I got a call from the first floor guy I was supposed to meet at the house at 11. He was there. Could I get there sooner? Uhm... maybe. I thought about not showering... for about two minutes. Having uncoffeeish was bad enough. I needed a shower.

So I met the guy just a little before 11. I liked him. Big guy. Knew his wood (refrain from giggling, please). Gave me a very reasonable estimate. He asked which other floor guys I was seeing; I told him. Took fifteen, twenty minutes, tops.

Second guy shows up for his 11:30 appointment at 11:45. I didn't like him. He talked to me like I was five years old (I'm SIX, dammit!) and kept making sexist comments and insulting my intelligence. Over and over and over again. Hello, I'm considering paying you an awful lot of money because I've saved the money I've earned, gotten a mortgage and bought a house. By myself. My breasts did not impede me. They might affect your intelligence, but they certainly do not affect mine. His estimate was considerably higher, and he did NOT know his wood. And he took quite awhile.

If you're going to be an arrogant chauvinist, you should at least know your wood.

I want to have the floors done ASAP. It takes a week to do the work, and a few days after that to set. So rather than wait for the third guy's estimate (he's scheduled to come Wednesday), I think I'll go with guy #1. As it stands now, he's available to start Thursday. I'll call his references tomorrow. If they're positive, I'll give him the green light. Scratch that. I don't have any green lights. I'll just tell him it's a go.

Oh, and I came to the conclusion that I need to buy a hose. Like, immediately. Pretty plants in yard are getting all dry and unhappy.

This afternoon/evening:

Went to the Molson Canadian SnowJam. April had free tickets. Ran into xso's little bro-- he's awesome :) Saw some cool skateboarders and bmx'rs, and the bands Lanternjack, De La Soul and Goldfinger.

Lanternjack: Saw these guys at some other festival last year. I wasn't impressed then or now. They have potential... but they're arrogant as hell, and without the chops to back it up (IMO).

De La Soul: Hip-hop is not my favourite genre of music. But these guys were a blast :) They had great energy, and really got the crowd going. Well, most of the crowd. Actually, all of the crowd except for about six gothish girls. I was right up front, and right next to them. Oh, dear. They kept asserting that they didn't like hip-hop and were only trying to hold their place for Goldfinger. They were SERIOUSLY INTENT on NOT having fun. Their loss. I bet if any one of them were there individually, she'd have let loose and had fun, despite herself. Funny thing is, they all took off as soon as De La Soul were done anyway ;P There was some ineffectual crowd surfing, and a lot of drunken, mannerless kids. Falling into each other. And me.

Goldfinger: I'd no idea who these guys were, or what the fuss was all about. By the time they came on, we were back at the beerless beer tent (the beerlessish tent?). Once they started, though, we had no choice but to get closer. They fucking rocked. (Did I just say "fucking?" Why, yes! I do believe I did!) They were trying to play like they were teenagers, but they couldn't have been much younger than me (ADDENDUM: Heh-- he's my senior, by less than a year). They were musically very tight, had excellent stage presence and LOTS of energy, and were having a GREAT time. Good, new-fashioned punk (same as the old punk, but faster, less inebriated and better dressed). It's been so very long since I've seen live punk. They had a ska touch to them, too-- I was thrilled. It was all I could do not to mosh or crowd surf. (Aren't I getting a little old for that? Aren't I a bit too young for that?) The lead singer took a moment out of his high-jumping punk stylings to talk about how breeding animals for our abuse and entertainment was morally reprehensible and completely irresponsible, and went into a rousing rending of "Fuck Ted Nugent." We were at the very back, and our ears were still ringing when we left. :)

Then we had food and a beer at the Parting Glass.

Tomorrow Today already:

Sleep. Buy hose. Water lawn. Find eman (he's doing the hermit thing-- he does that sometimes) encourage him to join the land of the living, and do laundry. Pay bills. Phone references. Phone floor guy. Send big photos to Pete, Jerry, Robert and whomever else I've promised. Consider going to improv/shakespeare auditions (we've lost a few people). Consider seeing moving at cheap seats. Sleep again :)

And now it's time for sleep, glorious sleep again! I cannot wait!!!

So I won't :)

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