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"...we step back in time to relive some of his earliest exploits on magnetic oxide..."

Whatever possessed me to purchase this?

Perhaps it was the pythonesque grins... perhaps the sheer non-crimsoness of it all.

She's got so much of that decimal stuff,
I'll fall in love if I try hard enough...

Her kisses never get better
They just get wetter and wetter
I curse the day that I met her...
...but she is loaded

She says that I'm daft and I know;
I threw her food on the lino.
She hit me-- felt like a rhino...
...but she is loaded

--"She is loaded"; P. Giles

Oh, that's right... I was in Jersey. I do odd things when I am in Jersey. (The state, not the cow. Never been in the cow.)

Haveya noticed the new "journal topic" drop-down doohickies on comment pages now? On a lark (not a real lark), I submitted this nasty thing under the whimsical title of Absurd fiction (interactive).

Eep... I didn't actually expect it to be there. :P


PS-- A big Halloooo and welcome to nikidoodles and thorswitch!

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