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The Visigoths were Penguins

I was sad today, so I went home to cry. Well, I didn't really cry. I layA down, got some purry snugglin's from the Maximator, and promptly fell into a dream.

In this dream, I was LARPing.B It was a D&DC type universe, apparently played in some sort of school gym. I was wearing leather and cotton. I had no weapon. We were fighting against a very realistic and bloody invasion. I think it was against the Visigoths.


The Visigoths were penguins.

Yeah. Penguins. Axe-weilding penguins. Damned nasty ones, too.

So I make my way to the town gates (the gym exit) to see if I could find a weapon somewhere. There was a wide, dark hallway beyond. I found a ledge there about waist height, hopped up, and hung out for a minute.

I saw penguins approaching the hallway from the gym. I panicked. Was this a safe zone? If not, what might they do to me? I had no weapon!

They didn't see me. I overheard them talking;D one had a boo-boo, so they were going downstairs to see the nurse.

I wasn't sure if this was a safe zone or not, and I was scared, so I didn't say hi or anything. Shame on me. He had a boo-boo!E

I'm still a little sad around the edges, but feeling quite a bit better, now that the penguins have been exorcised.

Me, stressed? Whatever gave you that idea? ;)

A Correct usage, lay for past tense of lie. If I wanted to use lay as the present tense of lay, I'd have to have used an object, like "myself." I was too lazy to write "myself," and couldn't just let a laid lay lie, so I added this lengthy footnote instead.
B LARP stands for Live Action Role-Playing. I don't think I've ever done that, unless improv counts.
C I'm so old skool I don't add the "A" before "D&D." Yo.
D Evidently, I speak penguin!
E Not the bear.
WOW If you're looking for a P2P client for the Gnutella network, try Shareaza. I'm SO incredibly impressed. Its GUI is very intuitive, but also extremely powerful. And when I started it up today, it picked up where I left off. No ads, no spyware, just an incredible, totally FREE, user-driven app.
EEK Talking Scottish Penis.

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