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My furry quotient has risen.

Now with more bolding and footnotes for your journal-reading pleasure!

Sinuses are not happy with me today.

Did laundry today, paid some bills and saw Scooby-Doo at the cheap seats. Eman wasn't keen on it, but I quite liked it for what it was. And Matthew Lillard's a perfect Shaggy and a cutie patootie t'boot.1

Speaking of Eman, since he's coming to Dragoncon, I've had to look for an alternate caretaker for Max during that time. I'd thought xso would take care of him, but a chat with his bro today revealed that they're both going away for the weekend. :/ Poor Maximum-- he may just have to fend for himself for 4-5 days.2

[insert phone call here] Just called xso's mom. As long as her back is better by then, she'll be happy to pet the kitty.3 She's a sweetie, and won't freak out at my less-than-optimal living conditions. Yay!

Now I'm having fun transferring data from the old computer to this one (something I should have done months ago). Music, music, music! Hooray!

Installed the new Trillian and copied my default folder over-- I think that has all my old configuration info in it. Everything seems to be working OK and with my old settings intact, in any case. Moving my logs over to another drive now for efficiency. Hopefully this won't break things... nope. S'all good. I'm back on AIM and ICQ and should be up on Messenger soon :)

I picked up a very small faux fur stole for all of $3.50 yesterday to use as a tail for my con costume... well, I'd assumed it was fake at the time, but the more I look at it... *finds a small bald spot and examines it closely* Either they've made amazing strides in the world of faux fur, or this baby's real.4 Wow. It's amazing. I wonder what type it is? It's very thick and black. The outer hairs have almost a silvery shine to them when the light hits it. The "underfur" is duller black. Fur's about an inch long. It appears to be a single piece of fur, 4.5 feet in length, and the colour is uniform along its length. I take that back-- it's two pieces of fur, each just over two feet in length. Stunning.

Leather. Ack-- so much for sewing this thing tonight! Luckily, one of my friends coming to the con used to do a lot of leatherwork. I'll work on this at the con.

It's so very... pettable. Not sure I want a bunch of strangers at the con petting my tail and ears, but ah well. ;)

This last-minute costume is coming along quite nicely, I think.5

Hmm... since it's after midnight...
Happy Birthday

You are such a talented and lovely lady6-- I'm so glad I got the opportunity to meet and hug you in person! I wish you a year of beautiful music, delicious choices, unexpected rewards and much shared laughter with great friends :)

Happy Birthday

I so very much enjoyed talking with you last night-- thank you!! And I love your quizzes (but you know that!). I wish you a year of fun games of all sorts, everlasting happiness with Joey, wonderful massages and fits of the giggles :)

Hugs to those who need 'em, those who want 'em, and those who don't run away quickly enough :)

1 "Fending for himself" consists of having plenty of food and water, and only lacking physical human contact, but still. I hate to leave him alone for so long. He's such an affection hound.
2 Oh, that didn't sound right at all, did it.
3 Damn, he's married. Drats!
4 No wonder my sinuses are unhappy ;P Oh, yeah, it's real-- I'm sneezing my head off now. Heh.
5 Furry-kitty-sexy-goth-kink-chick. Oh, yeah-- I should fit in perfectly. ;)
6 And no, I didn't play this song for her birthday; it's actually on my playlist, and I had it on before I even remembered it was her special day. :)
I'm such a silly pumpkinhead for staying up so late! What, you were expecting something funny? Thought-provoking? Intelligent? Useful? Silly reader! Note to self: post trading cards sometime.
ﷲ+ I really hope everything's OK with thistimearound.

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