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Sad and happy

Closing's been delayed by another week, at least.

We're looking at sometime the week after Labor day. Maybe.

Everybody's unhappy 'bout that.

I was supposed to talk to a Very Important Person by phone today because my boss could not... unfortunately, I do not have his number. Ugh.

And there's a small little chickadee that's been hopping around outside for a few hours. I think there's something wrong with his wing. It just kills me.

I'm hoping that he miraculously heals, and that if it doesn't, and a cat does get him, that he doesn't see it coming and death is quick and painless. I can't think of any way to help him (or her) besides a prayer and a hope.

I have a headache. Sinuses aren't happy either, evidently.

I could use a hug.

In happier news,

Happy Belated Birthday
I first met you because you had Newcastle as an interest, waaay back when. Since then, you have been a dear friend, and inspiration and one of the people I most want to meet and give a big ol' hug to. I wish you words that sing, a muse that inspires and a completely kickin' year. *hugs*


Happy Birthday
I haven't known you very long, but I've actually met you, and feel blessed to know you. I wish you immense success in your entrepreneurship, delicious food and smooth vodka, and exhilarating sparks throughout your year.

Just thinking about those two people, and about the rest of you, brightened my day. Thank you :)

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