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Rafting and Pushing

Saturday was fun. E and I had dinner at the VanDyck. The food was excellent this time (eating there has been something of a gamble of late). E got a $25 entree (most were ~$17), swearing it had nothing to do with the fact that I was footing the bill. What's funny is that I'm sure he was being honest. He just had lamb on the brain, I think. Baaaa! :)

Then we hit up the toga party in Troy. I got fed up with my toga pretty quick (a tie-dyed tapestry that was huge and rather canvas-like in texture) and wore the butterfly top instead. It was a hit. Drank way too many pina coladas.

Saw xso there. He offered to let me use his waterproof bag for rafting the next day, and promised to leave it by the back steps.

I got up the next morning around 4, still wearing my shorts and my contacts (the butterfly was off within ten seconds of walking in the door!). I tried to go back to sleep after brushing my teeth, but with little success. I got ready, and when E showed up at 7, I ran through the spider-webbed woods over to xso's yard to grab the bag. His back gate was locked. Damn! Ran back through spiderland, up my driveway and around the block to his front gate to check his back steps for the bag, and ran into the biggest, ugliest spider I'd ever seen. I'd managed to hit part of his web, and he was swinging right into my face. Eek!

I did what many people might do when confronted with an enormous spider flying toward their face at 7am on a Sunday morning. I panicked. I reacted instinctively and... spit on him as hard as I could.

Believe it or not, it worked :)

No bag, though. No xso, either. Seems he spent the night at the party. Shoot! It was a bummer not to have the bag, but it wasn't the end of the world.

White water rafting was a BLAST! :D E and I met up with Michele, April and Chris in Saratoga, then caravanned up the throughway to North Creek. We went with the same outfitters who'd taken us two years ago. Hrm. This is odd; I have no mention in my journal of that adventure. Could it have been three years ago?! Yikes.

It was very mellow, which was to be expected this late in the season. It was warm out, but not too much so, and the sky was full of big white puffy cumulous clouds. The water was perfect, and we had plenty of opportunities to swim. Our guide, Mark, was excellent.

Ended up with a slight sunburn, mild sun poisoning (which is already gone, thank you, aloe vera!), and good memories to last a lifetime.

We definitely want to go back in spring, when the rapids are, well, rapid. The water'll be a lot colder, but I'm really looking forward to it. I love being on the water, and would give my right arm to be able to do this regularly (ironically, something I'd be unable to do without a right arm, but nevermind). I might even want to consider getting a kayak sometime. I love it that much.

My body is a constant reminder of its own inactivity right now. Ow and oooh. Need to exercise more often, for certain.

Last night, I had a GREAT deal of fun with mentalguy researching the etymology and origin of the term "earthling." I do so love a good mystery :)

I also had a LOT of fun with Stair Dismount.

Download this game. Play it now. (thanks, tarpo!)

My current high on the world high scores is ~659k. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to want to upload my actual high of ~798k. :/ However, even without knowing the trick to highscoring, it's immensely fun and incredibly addicting. Go play!

addendum: I wrote the author about the upload problem. Moments later, I broke my old high score :P Highscore-wise, I'm now 9th for today, and 10th for all time with 850,329. ^_^ Me go sleep now!

Before I go, let it be known that I'm whoring for Lizvang. Because she's just so GOOD.

Sweet dreams, journal friends. I'm sending extra special warm thoughts to duchess_webb. *hugs*

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