*smooch* (ldy) wrote,

Running too late to think of a good subject

Welcome, michaelboy! Happy to have you on board (forgive the lack of links in this particular post. Hope you'll make the effort to visit michaelboy's journal if you haven't already done so... is good :) ) And welcome, Quill! Quill is (to be) an ongoing experiment in literary stuff. (Did I ever mention my vocabulary wanders off on the weekends? It does.) I expect it will be very interesting.

Quick update:

Worked from 8a to 7p Thursday. Blargness.
Saw Saving Grace with a group of friends at cheapie theatre shortly after that. Laughed mao. The audience was particularly great... little chuckles would spread from one area to the next-- very cool.

Took Friday off from work :D A rarity, that. Slept too late, then got my muffler fixed. No longer will my approach be announced by the roar of jet engines (yay)! Had lunch at this fantastic general store with a lunch counter. Got a turkey sammich, a birch beer and a cup o' joe for $4 (+ tip). Was like entering a time warp-- even the music playing was somewhat older stuff, like Bing Crosby and Ella Fitzgerald. I didn't want to leave :)

But leave I did-- went skeet shooting. Did much better. Tried archery for the very first time-- great fun :)

Didn't sleep too late today, but have been puttering around, getting very little done. Got some zen email. Will have to pass those on to various people. Also got a great chocolate cake recipe (thanks to gadfly). Hope to make that for friends who are apt-warming this wknd, if I can find time later today.

Considering adding a number of people to my friends list... might save me time in the long run (these are people whose journals I visit fairly regularly anyway). Will think about that more when I have time to play catch-up with a variety of cyberthings.

Now I'm off to buy perfume! Perfume, dutch cocoa and buttermilk, actually... maybe a comforter and some new duds. I should probably get my eyes checked, too, if I can swing it. We'll see (pun unintentional-- really).

Hope you're all having a nifty day :)

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