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Some fun, a bike, a tree and some clouds

Last night was wonderful. Eman treated me to a huge, heavenly plate of nachos, and a beer at Hoolihan's, then we saw Austin Powers. I loved it. I expected super silliness, and got it. Even the product placements were comical (though I'd rather they'd have omitted those altogether).

Afterward, we stopped by the local yokel bar for another beer and some pool with friends.

It was exactly what I needed :)

I rode my bike today. This is an event worthy of some note, though I wish it weren't. I hadn't ridden my bike all year! I didn't ride it very far-- only over a block to Valvoline for air, then through the cemetary and the park to the new house-- but I was sweaty and out of breath. I do need to exercise more. I really enjoyed it, though :)

The seller, her husband, and her agent were awaiting me. We've had microbursts the last couple of days, and yesterday's took out a tree. The tree situation is a major one. I couldn't believe the enormous amount of cut wood they had piled up next to the house!! No major worries, though-- the seller is going to fix the fence, and I'll get some firewood out of it, too. I wish I could have hung out and chatted with the seller a bit longer, but the agent wanted me to leave before he did. Heh.

Doing dindin with Eman again tonight-- gonna do my darnedest to get my hands on the check before he does. Then I should really make an appearance at the toga party.

Oh, if you're interested, I posted some photos of clouds (as seen from an airplane enroute to Toronto) to sky_light.

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