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Brain Dump

First off,
Happy Belated Birthday

Three! How big you're getting! You're almost all growned up! ...but not quite. Wishing you a year of wonder and growth and all the happiness that being three offers. *hugs*

(I meant to write that yesterday from home, but wasn't home for more than twenty minutes-- which was exactly the amount of time it took to get my contacts in. Yeeps. More about that later.)

Secondly, you guys rock on so many levels. THANK YOU for making my day bearable yesterday!

The "ORCHASM" definitions are here. I love every single one of 'em!!

I didn't really have time to look at them yesterday, but I made time. So very worth it :)

Saw Lilo and Stitch last night with the Eman. Very cute, but there was something unpolished about both the animation and the dialogue. Didn't stop me from crying my ass off, though.

Afterward, we kidnapped Janet and went to karaoke. I sang:
Chrome Plated Heart
Dark Lady
Just a Girl
Dirty Deeds (Done Dirt Cheap)

Amanda played with my hair for twenty minutes. I just purred.

Need to do laundry soon. But it's too damned hot-- 90+F every day, with serious humidity. WTF? This is upstate NY! Still, sometime between now and Saturday, it needs doing. Meanwhile, it's sub-arctic here in the office.

This weekend, I'm going to a toga party Saturday night and white-water rafting Sunday.


I think I've made plans for Friday night, too-- but damned if I remember what they are.

Haven't called the orthotist yet. This week's just too damned busy to fit anything in. Maybe next week... Dammit. No more putting this off. I'm calling him now... There. Appointment made for Tuesday the 27th at 5:45pm. Could have made it for sooner, but this appointment ensures that I won't have to miss work. I'm overloaded here as it is.

Hoping I'll have a house by next week. Newest wrench in the works: some weird thing about a third person being on the title but not the actual deed. Wait-- isn't this what I mentioned to my lawyer weeks ago? And then talked to my realtor about (who said he knew nothing about it-- but I do believe he's the one who originally mentioned it to me), who said he'd talk to the seller's agent about it? Someone somewhere dropped that ball. We're shooting for a Monday closing, though. Hahahahahaha. Yeah, Monday.

Went to pick up my new glasses during a break yesterday and found my car had died... and had nearly no oil. I walked the three or four blocks to a service station and picked up a couple quarts-- the guy there said it wouldn't help. I put in a quart anna half, waited a bit, and tried starting it. No luck. Again. Again. Finally, I just gave up. Decided to try "one more time" before heading back into the office. Worked just fine. :P The guys at the Valvoline place say I need a new oil gasket, and gave me an idea of what it should cost (it's not something they can do). They're very good to me there. Not sure where I'm going to scrape up the money to fix this, but I can see it's not something I should attempt on my own. It'll all work out somehow.

As for the new glasses-- what the heck was I thinking? They're really pretty ugly, and too big on me (note to self: buy kids' frames next time). And they're not adjusted yet, so they're all tilty. Whatever. They're titanium with polycarbonate lenses, so they're super-light. I'll try to take a pic sometime for your general amusement.

Also got new contact lenses (I wear extended wear, which should really be replaced every year, if not sooner-- it's been about a year and a half). One of them was completely stuck on itself, right out of the bottle. Spent about twenty minutes getting it unstuck. The yelling and stamping of feet helped a lot, I'm sure. Hoping I didn't stretch it too much.

Funny linkies of the day-o (links open in new window):

http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/~ulzkls/Advertisement.htm xiombarg
And no, it's not one of those "stare at the photo until something scary jumps out at you" things. It really is just an ad, and a damned funny one at that, once you realize what it's implying.

http://www.comicbookresources.com/columns/oddball/enlarge.cgi?date=2002-08-09 scottobear
Very old comic book cover. It's all about the wood. A nice compliment to the photo above.

http://www.tolkiencollector.com/bbaggins.mov scottobear
Leonard Nimoy's The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins has a video. That's all I can say.

http://www.wired.com/wired/archive/10.09/vision.html monkey
Vision to the blind. I've read about half of it, in bite-sized chunks. Amazing.

Back I go *dives into the fray*

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