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"Sacroiliac!" sounds like a French curse word to me.

My chiropractor (who is also a kinesiologist and a nutritionist) traced the lower-middle back pain to my sacroiliac joint (the link between the spine and the pelvis). WTF? That's not where the pain is! And yet, it does seem to have been the source. I see him again Thursday, but what he did today helped immensely. Even my state-of-mind did a 180. So glad I saw him instead of my regular MD (as great as he is, I don't think he'd have been able to diagnose this problem correctly).swooon

I've been talking about getting new lifts for my shoes for many moons now. This just cinches it for me. I'll make an appointment tomorrow. I wonder if the orthotic guy will yell at me for being awol for ten years? Laugh at poor gimpy flat-footed shoulda-known-better me, maybe.

I thought I could mind-over-matter my flat feet, which have caused me trouble since I was a kid. Maybe in my next life.

Perhaps, with the new lifts, my knees will align to the point where I can ski painlessly :) (Yeah, like I could ever ski before ;P) And run, and dance and...

Yeah. Tomorrow. Call. It's worth whatever it costs. Even if it means no sexy shoes for awhile.

Thursday is now a "maybe" for the closing. I'm not gonna stress about it. Saving the stress for when I start packing and moving.

Tonight, I'm going to take a cool shower and sleep, and dream of an anatomically-correct Swan Song angel.

Goodnight, moon.

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