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The dreams that you dare to dream really do come true (J & D's wedding)

Copied verbatim from a very recent email to a very dear friend (because I'm running late on time, and need to shower and get ready to go to a concert)


The wedding was absolutely wonderful. A small, outdoor affair, held in the groom's parents huge (and I do mean huge) yard. Green rolling hills, well-manicured, small footbridge-- oh, I just loved it. The bride and groom wrote their own vows. The bride actually ended up making hers up, off-the-cuff on the way to the alter. It was unbelievably honest, funny and just brought tears to my eyes. Stuff like: "The first thing I thought when I saw you, was "what's wrong with him?!"" and "I'm not perfect, life may not always be easy... I might yell sometimes, but I will always love you and support you in whatever you want to do. I love you." Both confessions were teary-eyed and heartfelt. At the end, the officiant had everyone hold hands (even the guests) and agree to support the couple in their new life together.

The bridesmaids could wear whatever they wanted, as long as it was purple. They all sort of matched, too, even though they wore extremely different styles. Our friend Janet sang "Orange Coloured Sky" (her big karaoke song) as the recessional music, and Joanna's aunt played the piano. Dan's sister and a mutual friend read passages about marriage and the freedom and trust of real love. Half the half-page program (my small contribution to the festivities) was "Special thank yous" to everyone who helped.

The wedding party took turns during the reception replenishing the big aluminum pans full of food in the enormous pavilion tent. Two guests took turn grilling shish kabobs. Joanna's mom made a small wedding cake for every table, so people could eat cake without waiting for the actual cutting (which is good, because everyone forgot about that until about 9:30p!).

There were no macarenas, no electric slides, no tossing of the bouquet, no garter.

There was a wide variety of music, and almost everybody danced at one point or another. There were kegs of beer, and a champagne toast in plastic glasses. As night fell, many guests changed into shorts and set up tents, and a huge bonfire was lit. People got drunk and laughed with old friends and new acquaintances alike.

In the morning, we all all had muffins and coffee together, watched the bride and groom open some of the presents, and all helped fold up the 160 white folding chairs and put them in someone's SUV, and cleaned the place up. Many hands really do make light work.

I've been to many weddings, some big, some small, some absolutely extravagant and some very simple. This was one of the simplest, and definitely one of the most touching. I think this is a marriage destined to stand the test of time. Partially because they have such supportive and loving friends.

Possibly the best wedding I've ever attended. Proof that you don't need money or pretense to find truth and happiness in life, I guess.


I'm exhausted. Janet and I stayed in my bigass tent, on an inflatable queensized mattress with sheets and blankets and everything. She was impressed and very grateful. E stayed in his tent nearby. Despite my comfy camping arrangements, I'm still very achy, tired and sweaty and ready for a shower.

Oh, and I kissed another girl. Actually, she kissed me. OK, truth be told, she kissed a lot of us. Totally unexpected, that.

To the shower, and then to a concert! Hope you guys are having as wonderful a weekend as I am. *huggos*

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