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A few of the more interesting/enjoyable/unexpected things I've done in the last couple weeks...

  • Visited a rose garden in full bloom... (so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet) :)
  • Assisted in the deportation of two fuzzy mice from someone's stairs to the backyard
  • Cleaned the cobwebs off of an enormous dragonfly at work and returned him (her?) to the great outdoors
  • Went for a walk in the woods by the river, in a section I hadn't had the pleasure of exploring before
  • Watched as a dead mole was dissected and completely obliterated by bugs, who made a very quick and thorough job of it... disturbing, yet oddly beautiful
  • Had a good time watching a bad band
  • small teepee
  • Didn't visit the farm that charged $15 to eat lunch and pet sheep, but...
    ...visited the American Indian museum next door, and got a free tour and luncheon from some Very Nice People
  • Didn't play Tomb Raider 3, which I bought many moons ago and have yet to open, but...
    ...played too much Tomb Raider Lost Artifact, which I only recently picked up (immensely enjoyable-- it has that spooky deserted archeological ambiance, and the emphasis seems to be more on puzzle-solving than shoot-em-upping)
  • Finally got around to watching American Beauty
  • Rode in a limosine with kind and interesting people from Nashville whom I'd never met before
  • Ate prime rib twice... I'm not much of a carnivore, but the first dinner was something else-- definitely made it to my top 5 dinners list (the second was a bit of a letdown-- let's just forget about that one)
  • Smoked a very fine cigar (or part of one, anyway)
  • 8 ball
  • Played billiards
  • Conversed at length with a lovely lady who's not-quite-two (in real human years, not the bizarre manner by which I date myself (I date myself? How narcissistic!))
  • Bought a crockpot, returned it, bought a smaller crockpot (what can I say; I just don't eat that much crocodile)
  • Shot pigeons (the clay kind-- which actually resemble pigeons in no way at all, that I can tell)
  • Celebrated the equinox by chatting at a bonfire with three close friends and staying up too late
  • Gave a very close friend a very belated birthday present, which she truly enjoyed-- she's so pretty when she beams :)
  • GRR
  • Aided in the discovery and subesquent capture of a toy plastic camoflaged angry sheep/pig(/boar?) "Grrrrr!!"
  • Went to the largest Irish festival in the northeastern US (at least, I think it's the largest)... in the pouring rain
  • Bought a teacup and saucer to add to the collection I inherited from my grandmother through my mother (I guess that collection isn't destined for ebay after all)-- I think they both would have loved it-- English bone china decorated with Scottish thistle
  • Took a walk down memory lane by exploring websites on old Krofft Saturday morning programs (The Bugaloos, Sigmund and the Sea Monsters, Land of the Lost, H.R. Puffinstuff, etc.)
  • Caught two episodes of the old "Rocky Show" on late night TV (Rocky as in "the flying squirrel", not "yo, Adrienne" or "Late Night Double Feature")-- in retrospect, I think it explains a lot as to why I am so strange and punny (come to think of it, the old Saturday morning programs and RHPS probably contributed, too)
  • habitrail
  • Crawled around the human habitrail at Chuck E. Cheese (highly recommended)
  • Reinvented myself at least twice (they say the third time's a charm ;) )
  • Danced in the moonlight
  • Enjoyed an all-you-can-eat Indian buffet
  • Found intelligent and enlightening conversation at times and in places where I hadn't expected it
  • Received hugs and an unexpected gift-- a yummy reference book on Art History-- from a good friend I hadn't seen in ages
  • Happy birthday little one
  • Celebrated someone's very first birthday
  • Just happened to read michaelboy's posts referring to Joni Mitchell while listening to Joni Mitchell... on two separate occasions (Ok, the second time I was just humming Joni Mitchell... but it's still kinda neat)
  • Met a thin, jovial Scotsman in a Wiccan specialty shoppe who could discuss the tarot while beating a drum
  • Laughed when I could; cried when I had to (OK, I didn't actually cry, but I didn't exactly laugh constantly, either)

Other than the return of the crocodile pot, all of this "stuff" was unplanned. (I'm trying to not be too hard on myself for not doing the things I had planned :P)

Still, I like pleasant surprises... don't you?

What unexpected thing(s) pleasantly surprised you in the past few weeks? (or whenever?)

I hope you'll share them :)
Blood is thicker than water
Friendship's stronger than fear
Love is God's favorite daughter
It is perfectly clear
--David Crosby

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