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Famous last words.

BigLug23 (11:32:13 PM): well... it' spumpkin time for me and the newt-boy.
LdySaphyre (11:32:22 PM): Me, too. Sweet dreams!
BigLug23 (11:32:24 PM): I'll see you near or far!
BigLug23 (11:32:29 PM): happy sleeps ! *huggo*
LdySaphyre (11:32:32 PM): I'll see you in the car!
LdySaphyre (11:32:44 PM): *huggos* to you and *pets* to the newtiekin!
BigLug23 (11:32:46 PM): oh, no you don't!
BigLug23 (11:32:57 PM): well, you can huggo and pet... no seussing before bed.
LdySaphyre (11:32:58 PM): I'll see you in a bar?
BigLug23 (11:33:11 PM): My bedroom door's ajar.
LdySaphyre (11:33:12 PM): Hey, do you play guitar?
BigLug23 (11:33:21 PM): I do but it's sub-par.
LdySaphyre (11:33:23 PM): Wanna see my scar?
BigLug23 (11:33:39 PM): Van halen was better sans Hagar.
LdySaphyre (11:33:48 PM): Oh, so now you want to spar!
BigLug23 (11:34:07 PM): My goal is not to mar.
LdySaphyre (11:34:13 PM): Would you rather swing on a star?
BigLug23 (11:34:39 PM): Star's to hot, it will me char.
BigLug23 (11:35:03 PM): (or would you rather carry moonbeams home in a jar?)
LdySaphyre (11:35:12 PM): We could cover you in tar... (5000 SPF sunblock!)
BigLug23 (11:35:33 PM): that is simply too bizarre!
LdySaphyre (11:35:54 PM): I wish I could play the sitar!
BigLug23 (11:35:58 PM): what are you, some sort fo nut bar?
LdySaphyre (11:36:21 PM): No, I'm a pirate! ARRRRRR!
BigLug23 (11:36:24 PM): Suitable for before the Tsar!
LdySaphyre (11:37:06 PM): I don't want to visit the abattoire!
BigLug23 (11:37:09 PM): Hooray, hooray! Have a cigar!
LdySaphyre (11:37:25 PM): (You're gonna go far...)
BigLug23 (11:37:30 PM): The best Romero was the Joker... Ceasar!
LdySaphyre (11:38:01 PM): I'd like to see him with Jack Parr! (were he alive)
BigLug23 (11:38:18 PM): or that evil wizard Jafar!
LdySaphyre (11:38:46 PM): Wasn't he in the bazaar?
BigLug23 (11:38:54 PM): Maybe that was FDR?
LdySaphyre (11:39:13 PM): Dunno-- haven't read his memoir.
BigLug23 (11:39:19 PM): (oooh...good!)
BigLug23 (11:39:37 PM): writen by LeCarre?
LdySaphyre (11:39:48 PM): No, I think it was Jar-Jar.
BigLug23 (11:40:12 PM): Jean Mikhial Jarre?
LdySaphyre (11:40:31 PM): Isn't he pro-war?
BigLug23 (11:40:38 PM): Who shot JR?
LdySaphyre (11:40:54 PM): Jamie Farr!
BigLug23 (11:41:03 PM): I hear he was paid in iraqi dinar!
LdySaphyre (11:41:25 PM): It was Jamie Farr in the boudoir with the crowbar!
BigLug23 (11:41:29 PM): who knows how many there are!
LdySaphyre (11:41:43 PM): We could try using radar! (not Radar!)
BigLug23 (11:41:50 PM): (hee)
BigLug23 (11:41:57 PM): barring that Ladar!
LdySaphyre (11:42:05 PM): Maybe even sonar!
BigLug23 (11:42:11 PM): His mocking laugh.. har har har!
LdySaphyre (11:42:39 PM): (snork!)
LdySaphyre (11:42:56 PM): Wanna ride in my jaguar?
BigLug23 (11:42:58 PM): (actually, I think jamie farr is a hyukhyukhyuk'er)
BigLug23 (11:43:16 PM): was it used by a film star?
LdySaphyre (11:43:29 PM): Yes, I keep it in a boxcar.
BigLug23 (11:43:43 PM): even at this hour?
LdySaphyre (11:44:07 PM): Oooh, that was sour!
BigLug23 (11:44:10 PM): I'd surround it with rebar.
LdySaphyre (11:44:26 PM): It's protected by a quasar.
LdySaphyre (11:44:47 PM): (Don't mess with my star, man!)
BigLug23 (11:44:48 PM): with a buttermilk chaser?
BigLug23 (11:44:58 PM): (hands you a silver ball-bearing)
LdySaphyre (11:45:13 PM): It's an amazing racer
BigLug23 (11:45:22 PM): a rubber eraser?
LdySaphyre (11:45:48 PM): Etched with a laser!
BigLug23 (11:46:08 PM): should I call an appraiser?
LdySaphyre (11:46:23 PM): Sure-- here, use my taser.
BigLug23 (11:46:33 PM): I like a straight razor.
LdySaphyre (11:46:50 PM): The indians call that Maize... er....
BigLug23 (11:46:57 PM): Did you watch last nights Fraiser?
LdySaphyre (11:47:16 PM): No, I was a frat hazer.
BigLug23 (11:47:36 PM): I prefer to be a grazer.
BigLug23 (11:47:47 PM): (yum! bamboo shoots!)
LdySaphyre (11:48:44 PM): Nope, you couldn't faze her.
LdySaphyre (11:48:55 PM): (but you came close!)
BigLug23 (11:48:56 PM): (dang! that was my next!)
BigLug23 (11:49:16 PM): I should've known little stays her.
LdySaphyre (11:49:29 PM): She's quite the player.
BigLug23 (11:49:46 PM): no doubt, with her hair.
LdySaphyre (11:50:01 PM): *fallsoverlaughing*
BigLug23 (11:50:21 PM): (g)
LdySaphyre (11:50:31 PM): Now, that wasn't fair!
BigLug23 (11:50:33 PM): all those men have no prayer.
LdySaphyre (11:50:44 PM): Especially when she's bare!
BigLug23 (11:51:00 PM): I heard she even thempts the mayor!
LdySaphyre (11:51:14 PM): (thempts? *snork!*)
BigLug23 (11:51:29 PM): (hee... thleepy key thlipths!)
LdySaphyre (11:51:35 PM): She led him to her lair!
BigLug23 (11:51:50 PM): fortunately she had a spare!
LdySaphyre (11:52:03 PM): She's always up for a dare!
BigLug23 (11:52:21 PM): her last one was leveled by a surveyor!
LdySaphyre (11:52:27 PM): In Zaire!
BigLug23 (11:52:34 PM): Or was it a purveyor?
LdySaphyre (11:53:05 PM): Someone, somewhere.
BigLug23 (11:53:09 PM): She lowered him atop a conveyer...
LdySaphyre (11:53:24 PM): with flair...
BigLug23 (11:53:32 PM): soon he'd be the one who'd pay'er
BigLug23 (11:53:43 PM): (pushing it...)
LdySaphyre (11:53:55 PM): To keep away the bugbears
BigLug23 (11:54:06 PM): Bugbear Pierre!
LdySaphyre (11:54:21 PM): I swear!!!!!
BigLug23 (11:54:28 PM): nice pair!
LdySaphyre (11:54:34 PM): Hey, there...
BigLug23 (11:54:47 PM): voltaire!
LdySaphyre (11:54:54 PM): That longhair!
BigLug23 (11:55:00 PM): he needs repair.
LdySaphyre (11:55:14 PM): He's quite impaired.
BigLug23 (11:55:23 PM): he needs some care.
LdySaphyre (11:55:35 PM): And swimwear.
BigLug23 (11:55:37 PM): I blame the red scare.
LdySaphyre (11:55:49 PM): I blame the shorthairs.
BigLug23 (11:55:52 PM): He lacks even bus fare!
LdySaphyre (11:56:08 PM): I've heard he has no flatwear!
BigLug23 (11:56:10 PM): Not that it's my affair.
LdySaphyre (11:56:21 PM): Well, now he's on welfare.
BigLug23 (11:56:29 PM): lives on a lawn chair.
LdySaphyre (11:56:45 PM): Haunts the local day care.
BigLug23 (11:56:59 PM): he's full of hot air.
LdySaphyre (11:57:16 PM): He's floating up the stair!
BigLug23 (11:57:24 PM): I was unaware!
LdySaphyre (11:57:29 PM): What a nightmare!
BigLug23 (11:57:32 PM): I was playing solitaire.
LdySaphyre (11:57:41 PM): (ooh, good one)
LdySaphyre (11:57:56 PM): I was peeling a pear.
BigLug23 (11:57:56 PM): :-D
BigLug23 (11:58:00 PM): you could be a millionaire!
LdySaphyre (11:58:10 PM): I could wear mohair!
BigLug23 (11:58:15 PM): (poor mo!)
LdySaphyre (11:58:23 PM): (heh!)
BigLug23 (11:58:35 PM): or fill him up with compressed air!
LdySaphyre (11:58:51 PM): An air? You err!
BigLug23 (11:58:55 PM): I fear he hasn't a prayer.
LdySaphyre (11:59:10 PM): A prayer? Beware!
BigLug23 (11:59:16 PM): Do you like your burger rare?
LdySaphyre (11:59:26 PM): No, I use cookware.
BigLug23 (11:59:33 PM): oh, don't be such a square!
LdySaphyre (12:00:08 AM): Don't stare!
BigLug23 (12:00:11 AM): these are made of rustic hare.
LdySaphyre (12:00:27 AM): Do you have a spare?
BigLug23 (12:00:29 AM): It wasn't you, it was that au pair!
LdySaphyre (12:00:39 AM): And her heir!
BigLug23 (12:00:40 AM): I have another over there.
BigLug23 (12:00:53 AM): well I ne'er!
LdySaphyre (12:01:19 AM): That one's threadbare!
BigLug23 (12:01:42 AM): the one of earthenware?
LdySaphyre (12:01:59 AM): No, over by the hardware.
LdySaphyre (12:02:14 AM): Next to the plowshare.
BigLug23 (12:02:18 AM): feels like software!
BigLug23 (12:02:33 AM): I dare to compare.
LdySaphyre (12:02:51 AM): (Nothing can... damn!) Do you dare to wear menswear?
BigLug23 (12:02:55 AM): I've got it in my crosshair.
BigLug23 (12:03:24 AM): overtight menswear tends to ensnare my coderre.
LdySaphyre (12:03:44 AM): Not your derriere?
BigLug23 (12:03:59 AM): that' smy nom de guerre!
BigLug23 (12:04:08 AM): pierre derriere!
LdySaphyre (12:04:15 AM): From Planet Claire!
BigLug23 (12:04:25 AM): and javier!
BigLug23 (12:04:37 AM): (planet claire has pink air.)
LdySaphyre (12:04:42 AM): And Fred Astaire!
BigLug23 (12:05:11 AM): a baby bear?
LdySaphyre (12:05:24 AM): In a barberchair!
BigLug23 (12:05:43 AM): withthe march hare!
LdySaphyre (12:05:51 AM): In Vanity Fair!
BigLug23 (12:05:57 AM): so wear and tear.
BigLug23 (12:06:05 AM): some wear and tear, so there.
LdySaphyre (12:07:04 AM): Let's go to Times Square
BigLug23 (12:07:19 AM): such saviour faire!
LdySaphyre (12:07:23 AM): Or Glenayre... anywhere!
BigLug23 (12:07:30 AM): Bel Aire?
LdySaphyre (12:08:02 AM): A weyr!
BigLug23 (12:08:21 AM): loupgarou? a wolfie-were?
LdySaphyre (12:09:03 AM): Constellations! The Great Bear!
BigLug23 (12:09:07 AM): tone it down, you start to blare.
LdySaphyre (12:09:15 AM): *cue the fanfare*
BigLug23 (12:09:24 AM): Alistair!
LdySaphyre (12:09:29 AM): Cher!
BigLug23 (12:09:37 AM): she needs nair.
LdySaphyre (12:09:52 AM): *Cher glares
BigLug23 (12:10:00 AM): dont put on airs!
LdySaphyre (12:10:07 AM): come to the faire!
BigLug23 (12:10:29 AM): I'll need car fare.
LdySaphyre (12:10:40 AM): There.
BigLug23 (12:10:57 AM): ahh... leisure wear.
LdySaphyre (12:11:17 AM): Modeled by Lewis, Sinclair!
BigLug23 (12:11:39 AM): I've been there.
BigLug23 (12:11:51 AM): he had poor dental care.
LdySaphyre (12:12:16 AM): Socialized healthcare.
BigLug23 (12:12:51 AM): Ja, mein Herr.
LdySaphyre (12:13:03 AM): Look at poor Moliere!
BigLug23 (12:13:33 AM): the lech-ere?
BigLug23 (12:13:58 AM): (it works with a french accent!)
LdySaphyre (12:14:06 AM): (Yes, it does!)
LdySaphyre (12:14:24 AM): He's reciting the Lord's Prayer!
BigLug23 (12:14:52 AM): the athiest, voltaire? I swear!
LdySaphyre (12:15:04 AM): He flies U.S. Air.
BigLug23 (12:15:34 AM): they serve nasal hair.
LdySaphyre (12:15:51 AM): (eeeeew)
BigLug23 (12:16:00 AM): (I'm running low!)
LdySaphyre (12:16:07 AM): From polarbears!
LdySaphyre (12:16:13 AM): (me, too!)
BigLug23 (12:16:19 AM): and stud mares!
LdySaphyre (12:17:07 AM): mal de mer!
BigLug23 (12:17:30 AM): I declare!
LdySaphyre (12:17:35 AM): How debonaire!
BigLug23 (12:17:46 AM): It's a common share.
LdySaphyre (12:17:48 AM): Watch out for that solar flare!
BigLug23 (12:18:11 AM): or the gooey eclair!
LdySaphyre (12:18:22 AM): *Pins upon you the croix de guerre
BigLug23 (12:19:31 AM): I did fear a painful stare
LdySaphyre (12:19:47 AM): I propose laissez faire.
BigLug23 (12:20:01 AM): with a questionnaire?
LdySaphyre (12:20:07 AM): In the public square!
BigLug23 (12:20:31 AM): I don't care.
LdySaphyre (12:20:33 AM): We could always watch Family Affair.
BigLug23 (12:20:44 AM): (Buffy! Mr French!)
LdySaphyre (12:21:22 AM): (Janet! Brad! Rocky! Ugh!)
BigLug23 (12:21:24 AM): I'd prefer to forswear.
LdySaphyre (12:22:13 AM): Care for amperes in the electric chair?
BigLug23 (12:22:17 AM): An ocean cruise? *urps* mal de mer...
LdySaphyre (12:22:40 AM): (Already vomited that one out!)
BigLug23 (12:22:47 AM): egads...
BigLug23 (12:23:09 AM): Amperes, I prefe a year's beers!
LdySaphyre (12:23:16 AM): I thin it's time we say fair's fair.
LdySaphyre (12:23:22 AM): you bring me to tears!
BigLug23 (12:23:42 AM): my vocabulary's in arrears.
LdySaphyre (12:23:53 AM): Oh, dear!
BigLug23 (12:23:57 AM): I long for the music of the spheres.
LdySaphyre (12:24:28 AM): Sure is better than a cervical smear!
BigLug23 (12:24:38 AM): I must abandon this frontier... I fear my dreams will soon premier.
LdySaphyre (12:25:18 AM): How cavalier, dear buccaneer... I think it's time we disappear.
BigLug23 (12:25:39 AM): I bid thee good cheer!
LdySaphyre (12:25:48 AM): Hear, hear!
BigLug23 (12:25:53 AM): until later, I'll see'yeer!
LdySaphyre (12:26:13 AM): Far and near! Hey, isn't that what got us into this in the first place? ;D
BigLug23 (12:26:27 AM): Which brings us back to do.
LdySaphyre (12:26:34 AM): *applauds*

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