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Caribana, baybee.

Caribana was a blast! The parades... the costumes... the music... I'll definitely do it again. Perhaps next time I'll even get to see the parades, the costumes and the music! (Wait-- see the music? Oh, nevermind.)

As it was, I merely got to spend a lovely long weekend snuggling with beautiful women (and watching more television than I have in the last six months combined) and meeting and hugging people I love. (oh, poor me. cue the violins, please).

Too tired to explain. There are a bazillion pictures behind the lj-cut below. I've kept them small so they don't overwhelm you. There are short blurbs if you hover over the photos. This isn't all of 'em, but it's enough, I think ;)

Eleven beautiful women, one bathroom, nobody died.

Nineteen-seater Nineteen-seater

up to no good! Lineup

They look so badass! Coqueen of LdyAlcestisville

Hit it right THERE! Shark! Shark! Who the hell let these people into the party?!!

Three is a magic number He gives good face

Gives good back, apparently, too Sexy ladies! View from a dock

Is preeetteee, no? He's chattin' her up!

Thank you sir, may I have another? Awfully kinky of you. We're Superfriends!

God and Satan, getting it on again SHHHHH! In the airport, they let you drink and smoke. I had a buzz after this much beer.

I don't know who the chick is, but that guy is hot! They wouldn't let me fly the plane :(

And that's the end.

I'm thoroughly exhausted. Belated birthday wishes to two very dear friends will have to wait until I'm conscious again. And if anybody posted anything important this weekend, just know I'm outta the loop. There's no going back (500+ entries) now.

I hope your weekend was as beautiful as mine :) Goodnight!

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