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Pourquoi ldy est une idiote

1. Bought wrong colour bra at store yesterday. Like, the complete opposite colour. Had to exchange it in the same store at a different mall today.

2. Went to Wilson's to buy the backpack-purse she's coveted for EVER. They had other similar styles on the 60% off table. After twenty minutes hemming and hawing and annoying the clerks, decides on the (full-priced) one she went there for in the first place.

3. Makes a small spectacle of herself at checkout when she can't remember the term "shoe-polish." (Do you have stuff in that colour? Y'know DYE STUFF?)

4. Realizes only after she's left the store that her top button-down shirt is on INSIDE OUT.

5. Buys a pair of pants that has a cuff wider than her arm. They are funny lookin' things, but she thinks they make her bum look good. Why she thinks this is beyond comprehension. It's not like she can see her fat ass anyway. Laugh at her in Toronto.

6. Took nap when she got home instead of doing her laundry. Now needs to do laundry straight from work tomorrow.

Pourquoi ldy est SMRT:

She is going to recharge her camera batteries now, polish her old comfy boots, gather up her laundry and go to bed at a decent hour.

If you see her online past midnight, kick her in her big fat spectacular bum, K? Early to bed and early to rise makes ldy something something.

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