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Last couple days have been weird.

I worked 'til ~7p yesterday. Came home and talked on the phone to xso's older brother for about half an hour. Damn, I'd missed him. We talked about houses, the B-52s, the Grateful Dead reunion thingy, sheetrock, friendship and a bazillion other things.

Realized I missed any chance of showering. Oh, well. Went out to a late sushi dinner with M, A and one of A's friends (who we'll refer to as "A's friend"). We stood outside for a few minutes afterward as we hemmed and hawwed about what to do next.

"I know what to do! Let's cross the street!"

So we did. Then we crossed another street. And then we walked ten feet and went into a bar. (Now, was that really so difficult?)

We got ID'd (how sweet) and hit up for cover charge. So we went next door.

Quiet boring bar. Pool table. Cheap beer. We were happy.

I came home and slept for something like 13 hours. And dreamt about a zillion crazy things. In one dream, I was hanging out with my mom. She was young and she was cool. It was very strange.

Felt pretty crappy when I got up. Not sure why-- I only had two drinks last night. Met up with M at the mall. Felt slightly crappier. Bought a couple very cool shirts. Started feeling weak. Grabbed some food. Nearly collapsed. Could barely keep my head up at the food court. Considered getting sick... then I thought about how unappealing the mall restrooms were and how bad an idea that would be. Which, of course, made me just want to get sick all the more.

M drove me to her place, fixed me up some alka-seltzer, and told me to lie down. I did. About a half hour later I got up; felt much better. (What was that all about, anyway?) But it was too late to make it to E's play (I'll have to see it tomorrow). Watched shows about mummies. Went to mall with M to get car. Drove home. Read you. Read you. Read you some more. I stopped reading at 6pm yesterday and only had to go back 225 entries to catch up. But catch up I did. And now I sleep.

Oh, wait-- I said I'd refer to A's friend as "A's friend," and didn't.

Oh, wait. I just did. Nevermind.


Addendum: I seem, for some unbeknownst reason, to be currently obsessed with fishing games. I've stayed up too late the last few nights playing Big Mouth Bass 3D. Sierra's Trophy Bass 4 Demo is my dope of choice tonight. I'm really going to bed now. For rilla.

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