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Owning a home with no silver spoon

I spoke to the bank today. I asked the lady, "Missya, what's going on with my loan?!" Turns out that they expect approval within a week, and closing about a week after that.b

They also did the appraisal already.c Some of you may recall that I was sick with the thought that the appraiser might require that I do major work on the place.

It appraised for $1k over what I paid, and it appears as though there are no required repairs.

This calls for a celebration.d

our ragtag cast of thousands

E makes a dashing buckler of swashes, doth he not? And why are my eyes brown?!

Happy Belated Birthdays
(Both who celebrated birthdays yesterday.)

May your year be full of healthy, happy bats, creativity and inspiration abounding and pie happiness.

May your raves be ripping, your biology teachers enchanted with Your Wonderfulness, and all your fantasies interactive.

I was going to go to rehearsal today to see if I could be of any help, but ended up collapsing on the bed as soon as I got home. I immediately fell into a dream, in which I went to rehearsal and helped out. It was surreal and highly entertaining.

Much love to you all.

a I wasn't being pissy, her name is really Missy.
b Nice of 'em to tell me, eh?
c Nice of 'em to tell me, eh? EH?
d In Toronto, perhaps? EH?!
e And no one sings me lullabies, and no one makes me close my eyes;
so I throw the windows wide and call to you across the sky.

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