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Gettin' a wee bit of a buzz on.

I am home.

I am alive.

The show went wonderfully.

I feel for the rest of the cast, who must perform the show again next Thursday-through-Tuesday in different roles in the contemporary production.

I'd have joined them in this monumental task if I'd had the foreknowledge that my closing would not have taken place by now. Ah, well. I should thank my lucky stars that I didn't, really.

In any case, I may very well go to the theatre tomorrow to help them in whatever way I can.

In other news, I'm researching flights to Toronto. Because I'm crazy like that.

I'd originally thought it would take me 6+ hours each way, and $200+ round trip. Not good.

However, if I can leave Friday after work and return Monday, It's less than 1.5 hours, and ~$160 (three cheers for Air Canada!).

Let's see if I can get Monday the fifth off work, K?

If I can work my magic, get Monday off and swing this, are any Toronto friends willing to pick up a crazy redheaded chicka at YYZ at 8:05p on Friday, 08/02 and/or drop off same at 3:30p on Monday, 08/05, or direct me to quick and reasonable public transport? And cheap lodgings or couch/bed/floor space?

This is my year for adventure, and I'm milking this sucka for all it's worth. Mine only regret is not being able to hit Baltimore next weekend (I simply have to go to the contemporary performance) ...but someday, somehow, I will see those dear folks; I'm sure of it.

I'm drinking a Mike's (and had two raspberry margaritas with dinner earlier), and am quite enjoying life right now. How are you doing?

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