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_______ feno na na nay, _______ feena nay

Crazy couple of days. Here are the highlights. I'll try to make sense, but no guarantees given or implied.
  • Tech. Tech tech tech tech tech tech tech. Hurry up, wait, go to your exit cue, go back to your entrance cue, change your entrance to over there, avoid the dead spot, find the light, skip a page, go back a page, change your costume, stand outside in your floor-length black velvet gown in 90F heat, get back in here. Lines? I'm supposed to remember lines?
  • Go shopping for bridal shower gifts (boot-scraper piggy and a 6" cleaver "to keep Dan in line") ;) Thank Eman for his patience. Grab some Taco Bell on the way back.
  • Go home, feed cat, feed self, get changed (screaming red vinyl pants and sparkly dragon shirt), go back out.
  • Go to Becky's for bachelorette party. Cop shows up and tells us to turn down the music, then proceeds to strip. HOLY MOLEY-- how does he DO that? Wait-- who the hell is that guy? TWO STRIPPERS! Whipped cream? Camera. Blackmail. Everybody's my friend now ;) (Note: strippers do not usually bother or otherwise involve the chick holding the camera. Next time, put the camera down). I wish I could remember the main stripper's name-- he was a really amazing performer. I guess I'll have to pick up the current issue of Playgirl to find out (evidently, he's in there).
  • Head to Savannah's to see Jocamo, an amazing blues/funk band.
  • Dance. Dance dance dance dance dance dance dance. We were so crazy that Dave (the lead singer) felt compelled to razz on our "fine young bodies" all night. Being called a "fine young body" pretty much made this great night even better.
  • Ran into Chris, Michele and Sherri at Savannah's. What's funny is that none of us live in Albany and I NEVER run into these folk... yet, I ran into them last night, just one week after having spent a long weekend camping with them. Night got even better :)
  • Strange little man kept trying to dance with me until...
  • Some odd dude said "hey, Ken-- did I ever introduce you to my wife?" The odd dude's name was Phil, and it turns out we'd been married for seven years. A strange way to try to pick up a girl, but I have to give points for creativity.
  • Turns out, the strange little man (who was actually fun to dance with) was the drummer for Kenny Neal and his band, who had stopped by, fresh from the Fleet Blues Fest and enroute back to New Orleans). They played a set while Jocamo took a break. Amazing. See them if you can.
  • The drunken bridal party sang their newest hit while passing out at the table. It went something like this: I like penis: I like penis, I like penis, penis, penis for me. Highly entertaining. They were singing louder than the band. The look on the lead singer's face as he attempted to compete with them was priceless.
  • Chatted with Jocamo after the show. Lead guitarist seemed interested in seeing Twelfth Night... I really hope he comes :) Not only is he an amazing guitarist and quite easy on the eyes, but he teaches high school English (brave, indeed!) and seems genuinely passionate about it. He's the guy in this photo.
  • Drove Janet home (so glad she chose not to drive!), then went home, literally peeled off vinyl and sparklies, and collapsed into my bed.

  • Searched like crazy for a favourite recipe, photos of the bride-to-be, and clean clothes to wear for bridal shower. Picked up Janet (late late late!)
  • Bridal shower at Merideth's. Many hungover women ;) The gifts were well-received and I had a great time. Hurt my knee Saturday and Rhia worked it out for me (she's an amazing masseuse). I hope I get to see Joannna's friends more often (besides just the wedding next month). They're a blast and a half :)
  • Laundry. Laundry laundry laundry laundry laundry laundry laundry.
  • LJ catchup (that'd be this!)
  • Gonna go grab my laundry from the car, then head to bed.

We open Thursday, have run-throughs/dress rehearsals Mon-Wed, and are completely unprepared and barely off-book. This is normal, but still unsettling. I probably won't see you folks again this week unless I either a.) manage to find a Tardis or b.) am completely stupid. B is possible, but I wouldn't count on it.

Hugs to those who want 'em, those who need 'em, and those who know that being in a blue funk isn't always as bad as it seems.

Until we meet again, here are some funky Jocamo lyrics that just happened to catch my ear ;) (Imagine this guy singing it, if you can)

Everything I'm about to say is 100% absolutely true (heheheheheh)
It was Friday night, and I was hangin' out, I was checkin' out all the girlies
Saw this woman had it goin' on, she had me risin' in my short and curlies
Her legs were long and her body was full, yeah, she had it goin' on...
When I took the girl home how was I to know that my woman had a dong?
Who knew?!! Lord knows who knew... Sayaladaladala who knew? Ugh, who knew?

Now, wait a minute, y'all
I've seen The Cryin' Game, y'know, I'm pretty open-minded
But girlfriend had too much dick for me and I decided not to try it
Grabbed my hat and I grabbed my coat and I was headed for the door
Then she dropped to her knees and she started to pleeeeease and I was crawlin' back for more
Who knew?!! Lord knows who knew... Sayaladaladala who knew? Ugh, who knew?

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