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On pledges, arts and magic rings

Hit heavy construction on the way home, and went bopping about the dial looking for something listenable.

Happened upon our local public radio station.

I love these guys, and have actually perfomed live theatre on their station before.

However, no amount of love will make me stick through an annoying pledge drive.

They were deep into pledge drive. And yet, HYSTERICALLY funny and engaging.

Anyone who has ever had to do any sort of acting or public speaking before knows how difficult it is to talk non-stop for more than a couple minutes and still be engaging. These guys had E and I rolling for over half an hour after having been on the air for who knows how long. Heck, they're still going.

I just called them and pledged $20. And plugged our play ;) They were happy to support the arts, and so was I :)

In other news, Eman gave me my Christmas/Bday present today. I've been wondering for months what was so unique that it would take so many months to prepare, and now I know.

It's a special Dragon-Ldy-Saphyre ring.

See, before I was Ldy, I was LdySaphyre. And before I was LdySaphyre, before I was even online, I was Dragon-Lady. Funny name, considering I'm a tiny little sweet this-close-to-albino chick. But I like dragons, and we all decided to come up with nicknames one night while playing pool, and Dragon-Lady stuck.

So, anyway, this ring is amazing. It's silver, with a large sapphire at center. Two dragon-heads share the sapphire eye, which is particularly fitting for a Gemini (he swears he didn't even think of that). The sides are wings, and the tails intertwine on the underside. Our friend Dragonmaker-Jack (appropriate name, no?) helped design it, and helped to procure the materials and metalsmith.

It's lovely. I'll try to post pics of it eventually. I'm floored.

The sapphire is a little larger than it should be, so I'm a bit worried that it might eventually loosen. I pledge to keep my dragonldysaphyre eye on it :)

Before I go...

Happy Belated Birthday
I'm blessed to know you all, and wish you a year of grand adventures in new lands (literally and/or metaphorically).

Hugs to you all.

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