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But what fun is there in a note that says: "are you going to rehearsal or not?"

Eman writes:
> Have the venomous humours that had possessed you departed upon their
> villainous way. Or mayhaps you are besieged under their tyrannical reign
> still. If this shabby knight can provide the least bit of rest bit to you
> lady, command me at once. If you are unprocessed, bespeak thy good fortune
> unto me. 'Till next we meet, lovely Luci - Man of E

I am in good humour, sir, slowly recovering.
Confuse me not with thine processed treats, nay;
though mine own chills art as frosty as theirs.

Mine thoughts art ripe with ablkdjafladjalfds*.
At work this weakened lady toils, perchance
to meet her lines of dead and save this day.

Heaven comfort her poor fellow actors
who must try to make sense of her feeble
attempts to speak her mind as Shakespeare writ.

I thank you for your thoughtful words, dear sir
When the clock tolls half-past six, I will be
ready with corset, shoes and script in hand;
if not in mine right brain, mayhaps mine left.

(* five syllables of sickness)

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