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I'm backish! Didja miss me?

Best Vibes Ever.

Went from 95F/35C the day we got there to ~50F/10C the next night. The sky looked yellowish-red for much of the weekend... I didn't know why until I found this in my inbox not too long ago (thanks, Mousie!). It was rather windy-- I wished I had brought my kites on more than one occasion, and there were no bugs whatsoever. It was somewhat overcast; I got very little sun-poisoning, and even managed to get a lot of my script memorized outside during the days.

Our timing was such that we got there JUST as they were letting people into the grounds. We were within the first 50 cars. Took less than an hour to get in... some people who showed up later (or earlier!) had to wait 6 hours or more. Our small group of three vehicles stuck together throughout the process, and we all got to set up camp together in the quiet camping section (it wasn't actually quiet, but it was a nice idea in theory).

I'd guess that there were ~30,000 attendees, though the site is only supposed to handle ~15,000. The owners of the venue bought a neighboring piece of land Thursday night as people were coming in, and sent them there just as quick as they could brush-cut it. It's known by the people involved as "the Louisiana Purchase." Few attendees were aware that this even occurred.

The music was fantabulous. The people were wonderful. The sky was full of lights, fireworks and, at one point, hundreds of glowsticks.

I've never seen so many people tripping face in one place in my life, and never got such a good vibe off a crowd. Very few punks and troublemakers. Lotsa happy hippies, all helping each other out, meeting their neighbors and having bizarre conversations.

The portapotties were evil, but the restrooms were amazingly well-maintained, with an attendant working each 24/7. We tipped them well. The staff of the Indian Lookout Country Club were wonderful and very well-organized, and some of them had really bitchin' bikes. I really hope they get to host it again next year.

It took us all of a half-hour to leave the grounds and get all the way home.

My only regret is that I didn't get to hug Wavy Gravy. I was, however, given the distinct honour of having been directly refused a hug by Wavy Gravy, as he and his fish were running very late to some event or another... I got a verbal raincheck, but never did catch up with him again.

More another time.

No Caffe Lena performance for me tonight. I've got a hot date with a SHOWER!

And apologies-- we're at crunch-time for Twelfth Night, so I expect I'll be here sporadically at best as showtime approaches (two weeks hence).

Hugs to those who need 'em, those who want 'em, and those who will visit Terrapin with this Ldy (with a fan).

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