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oh, and I kissed a girl last night, too

I realized, in the ten minutes I had at home between work and rehearsal yesterday, that I couldn't find my contract anywhere. Needless to say, I was something of a wreck at rehearsal and karaoke. Mr. E (being the wonderful person he is) insisted on stopping by my office on the way home, even though it was after 1am. It was there. I slept much better for the knowing, I'm sure.

This morning, I applied for the SONYMA. Took 40 minutes, and was easy as pi (and infinitely more rational). Looks like a go situation.

Recurrent networking problems here at work have been fixed with today's addition of firewall hardware.

Another rehearsal tonight. Just my short soliloquy. Piece o' cake.

Sanity returning.

Life is good, and it is once again time for lunch.

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