*smooch* (ldy) wrote,

Baby's got bass

Crazy couple o' days. Trying to catch up with you all, not sure how far I'm going to get. So I might as well catch up with this while I get the opportunity.

Worked late yesterday, got home, turned around, went back out, ate sushi (yaaay!)

Went to local theatre to see Director's Showcase (one of our friends was losing her directorial virginity, and another two friends were assisting her as actors) ;) They done good.

Then we all went out to a bar and got silly. I decided that:
  • ...my henchguy is gonna be a sexy black man with a bright blue bass guitar. Actually, any colour guy (or gal, for that matter) would be fine, but the bass needs to be bright blue (I'm a bass racist, I know). And everywhere I go, I'll have a bassline. When I walk, I'll have a walkin' riff. When I cross the street, I'll have a crossin'-the-street riff. When I strut for no reason, I'll have a struttin'-for-no-reason riff. And on those rare occasions I wander into the 'hood, I'll get my props, yo. "Hey, check out that little white chick with the bright red hair!" "Don't mess with her, yo, she's got bass."
  • ...I am Julie Andrew's evil twin. I broke out into off-the-cuff snippets of song:
    "Dough, I'm broke, I need some dough; Ray won't pay me 'til next week; Me, yeah, me, you lookin' at me?; Fa, fongul, you lookin' at me?; So, you still lookin' at me?; *bang*"
    "Just a spoonful of baking soda makes the cocaine be crack, the cocaine be crack..."
    "I live in Cali, g-d, I'm luscious; my ex peed on my roses"
    Things got worse from there.
  • ..."it's so crazy it just might work" makes great fodder for creative endeavors. Three of us broads got a brilliant idea for a screenplay called "F'ing Prince William" in which these three American broads hatch this plan in this bar (while a very sexy black man plays a bright blue bass guitar) in which they seduce Prince William, give him the time of his life, and blackmail him for $40 million dollars. Like Waking Ned Devine, only American and completely and utterly different in every way.
  • ...I should give monthly theme parties at my new home, and possibly webcast them. bikinis and martinis, superheros and arch-villians, tarts and vicars, reggae, speakeasy, leather and latex, rocky horror, and 60s were just a few of the many suggestions. Could be fun. I'll keep you posted.

I'm a nut, I know; no need to remind me.

Today, I went to a wedding. It was a blast :D The bride was gorgeous, the groom chivalrous, the church lovely, the priest reverent and brief, the guests beautiful and friendly, the reception grand, the drinks strong and the DJs amazing. I felt a little lonely at one point, as I think I was the only person who went there stag, but no biggie.

I'll share a little secret witchoo: I was supah-tacky and handed the bride $50 before I left. You see, I had originally gotten the happy couple three presents... but this morning I was running late and never got the largest one wrapped. Although I'm not close to this couple, I felt bad only giving them the two small gifts, and would have felt ridiculous lugging in the larger unwrapped present. Unfortunately, someone had wandered off with the envelope that accompanied the small gifts before I'd figured out what to do, so envelope-stuffing was impossible. Ah well... the best laid plans of mice. I can live with my tackiness... after all, it's only a matter of time before the paint dries on my savoir-faire.

Now I'm going to quickly catch-up with you folks as best I can. Unless I stay up all night (and be a tired screaming blue meanie at rehearsal tomorrow), I suspect that I will never catch-up with you completely. Apologies if I miss something important to you.

[insert playing-catchup-and-heading-to-bed riff here]

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