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On espians and lower brain functions.

Another busy day. Ran errands at lunch. Worked late. Went shopping after work for a wedding present (and somehow ended up with three). Fed the cat and went back out again.

I went to ESP (specifically, Ethos, as opposed to Origins) this evening (some of you may remember my having mentioned Origins awhile back as "that class The W was teaching"). There was a big hoo-hah meeting. All the big people* were there. It was astounding and inspiring.

I'd forgotten when a profound and positive impact this has upon my life. How it refocuses me to think about things of real and far-reaching importance. How it reminds me what a powerful force of change I really am.

And things there are moving much faster than I'd suspected. Much, much, much faster.

I have to wait on this. The mortgage and the closing take precedence for obvious financial reasons. But I'm so very much longing to return.

I really wish I'd eaten something somewhere along the way. By the time the meeting was over, my blood sugar had bottomed out and my IQ had dropped about forty points. Hard to hold a decent conversation with Keith or Nancy (the biggest* of the big people*) under those conditions. Ah, well. I'm sure they won't hold it against me. I did manage to pick up a bite on the way home... mainly because I was driving along going "buy food. buy food. buy food. stop. buy food. supermarket. go. buy. food. you passed it. turn around. buy food. food. yes. food good. buy. eat. now." Thank heavens for lower brain functions.

Before I collapse...

Happy Belated Birthdays
to two of my favouritest people on LJ

My brain is too fried to write specific wishes for the year-to-come, but know that I love you and wish you every happiness always. *HUGS!*

And though I doubt he'll see it, I also wish gadfly a Belated Happy Birthday. I do miss that guy, and wonder how he's doing.

Sweet dreams, dear sweet dreamers.

* Actually, they're not any bigger than I am, really, and I'm pretty small. They're quite nice and down-to-earth, too. But you know what I mean.

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