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Busy day.

Worked hard, worked late ('til 6-something, I think)... then quickly made copies of the new house's structural report. I ran those down to a bank which will forward them to a mortgage guy who will give me a better idea of what a SONYMA might really end up costing me in the short-term.*

Then I ran (yes, ran) to Payless and bought a sweet pair of strappy sandals for the wedding Saturday, a black pair of damned-sexy high-heel sandals (I'd call 'em shoes, but I got half-off because Payless called 'em sandals, and whom am I to argue?) and one pair of bizarre holographic slip-on sneakers that got not one, but two compliments from strangers at Payless-- and all for ~$30! I have tiny little flat feet and usually go for quality and comfort over quantity and funkiness and avoid places like Payless like the plague, but I needed those sandals in a hurry. I think I done good. Odd note: I usually wear a 6½, maybe a 6 sometimes... but the slip-ons only fit in 5½s, and the strappies were only available in 6½s and 5½s, and also only fit in the latter size. Weird.

Met a couple of older Italian women at Payless-- they were a HOOT. One said she liked the strappy sandals-- they were perfect for a wedding, and that I'd find a man at the wedding because of them.** To which the other one said, "hey, take me along!"

Then I did massive amounts of laundry and ate Chinese food with Eman.

So very busy. This will all slow down at some point, won't it?

Good night, Irene.

* In the long term, it's a great deal: SONYMAs charge only 5.5% interest, which is insanely low, and certainly preferable to the 7% I had been considering. However, because it's funded by the government, they have a number of requirements as far as the shape of the house at closing is concerned... for instance, I'll need to scrape and repaint the garage, and probably put down new linoleum or tile in the kitchen. That sort of thing. I'd like a better idea of just how much of that sort of thing I might expect to expect. Especially since their closing costs are rather high, they require escrow and my funds are rather limited.

** She said it with the certainty of a fairy-godmother's prediction. Almost creepy, that.

*** Linkies of the day-o:

http://slate.msn.com/default.aspx?id=2067092 phatpharmer
The kamasutra we all know and love is about to be seen in new light.

http://geocities.com/julieuhz/yourmonth.html zztzed
I found this uncannily accurate for mine.

http://nwn.bioware.com/ voodoolimbo
Neverwinter Nights has been released. For real. That thing that was on AOL for so long is now shiny and amazing and extremely well-marketed. I want.

http://www.geekissues.org/quotes/?top whole bunch o' peoples
Just can't stop laughing. Surprised someone hasn't dumped portions of the mzx fortune file in there yet.

There were more linkies, many more, but I'm too tired to search for them, and I'm getting all sorts of read-only errors as it is (despite the fact that maintenance on my cluster has not yet begun?)

Oh, and jftr, LJ may be supa-wonky, but god thinks I'm okay and appreciates terrible punnage. Hooray for moral high ground!

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