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Bad Timing

Ouch. Bad news: timing belt.

On Acuras and Hondas, this is serious. When a timing belt goes, it actually bends the valves out.

I may need a new engine/new car.

Need to have it towed to the dealership, or someone who specializes in such things. Pep Boys won't touch it.

In the good news department, the mortgage lady does still have my contract on the house (silly lady never returned it to me Friday). This car think has put a crimp in my mortgage-researching plans. I still intend to get one this week, though.

We're moving the office today. One person is out on jury duty. I have work up to my ears. What else is new?

My life is a dark comedy, and it seems to be sweeps week again. (So soon?!)

No time to comply with South Park Icon Day. Maybe later.

Update: Bwahahahaha-- thanks, inspectorjury!

phatpharmer and electricjuice, I've been thinking Warm and Wonderful Happy Birthday Wishes to you for days now. I've wanted to write something personal, but haven't. No excuse. I'm thinking of you, though. *hugs* And circlek, I haven't forgotten about the copy. I've been working on it, but haven't gotten nearly as far as I'd like. Apologies.

I'm coping. How are you today?

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