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Things to avoid today

1. Having your car die, suddenly, for no obvious reason, under a bridge on a busy single-lane highway 20 miles away from home.

Whoops. Too late.

On the positive side-- it didn't happen on the Thruway and nobody was hurt. A good samaritan pulled my car off the highway. A friend picked me up and brought me to rehearsal, and when the tow truck guy came another friend drove me back to the car. My boss will give me a lift to work tomorrow, and M will give me one back to the car in the evening.

I'm carless tomorrow, and this will doubtlessly cost some buckaroonies, but things could be much worse.

I had a nice dinner of assorted Indian food with M, and a decaf mochaccino from the best coffee place in Albany. I should get some mortgage quotes online tonight, but I'm wiped. Tomorrow's gonna be a busy day.

Night night, journal. May all your mixed blessings be seen in good light.

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