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Roots to Branches

Well, my Dad and Stepmom (L) have been here and gone. Not a long visit, but a nice one.

Because I prioritized a number of important phonecalls and chats over cleaning yesterday and this morning (no regrets, my choice), my apartment, though improved, was still quite a mess when they got here. They didn't mention it, but I was secretly embarassed. I'll continue to clean it up today.

They brought me a shoebox of unusual early birthday presents-- a stuffed Mickey Mouse, a pair of earrings, some homemade brownies, a People magazine (?), a check, a lovely card and a box of Altoids (I love Altoids... L always calls them "Deltoids," heh). They also brought up her old makeup table, which is really quite lovely and will look great in the new house.

Ah, the house. They loved the house ^_^

The current owner is such a nice lady. She asked if she could keep her bedroom drapes, as they're the only ones she's found that match her bedspread. I said of course, of course!

I was aware of blinds and shades coming with the house, but curtains? W00t! I'm getting curtains! The ones downstairs are lacy and charming and absolutely perfect. I was going to ask where she found them.

Dad and L and I had lunch at Applebee's. They'd changed their menu, so I had to ask the waitress about what had MSG and what didn't. She didn't think anything did anymore, but promised she'd check with the kitchen.

She returned with two choices: a plain salad or the mango whitefish. Everything else had MSG. Everything! :P The fish wasn't too bad, really.

After lunch, Dad wrote me a check for a sizable chunk of money towards the house as a gift, and promised further help if I needed it. Wow. I'm still in shock over that one. Dad doesn't part with his money easily. I am honored by the act more than I am relieved at the presence of the money itself.

And I got to hug my Daddy and Stepmom today-- lots. It's been too long.

I may be all growned up, but I hope I've never too growned up to love my Daddy.

OK, back to cleaning.

Scratch that; I just became the domain of the furr-rocious Lapcat. Heh.

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